US Shoppers Spent A Record $1B Via Mobile On Black Friday

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Meanwhile, Adobe Digital Insights says Thanksgiving Day sales online totaled $1.93 billion, up 11.5 percent from the day past year, as more people opted to stay home and shop online instead of hitting the stores. Thus, the total number of Cyber Monday shoppers should exceed 100 million. And the Adobe estimate is that consumers spent spent $3.34 billion shopping online this Friday, a 21.6% increase from the same day past year.

Target Corp, meanwhile, is offering 15 per cent off nearly everything in its stores and website for two days: Sunday and Monday.

One significant trend noted by NRF was the jump in online shopping, which outpaced sales in brick-and-mortar stores this year: 44 percent of consumers surveyed went online, while 40 percent went to various stores. And in many cases, retailers have been carefully planning for the markdowns as a means as of keeping their inventory low, he said. "I think there's better deals". Amazon said that mobile orders on Thanksgiving topped Cyber Monday past year, for example, while Walmart said that over 70 percent of website traffic on Thanksgiving was mobile.

The shopping also brought shoppers from around the area to the mall from places like Wilkesboro. Less than 15 percent of consumers arrived to the stores by 6 a.m. or earlier on Black Friday.

These days you could get some of those insane deals earlier and beyond Black Friday. This year, about 108.5 million people shopped online over the holiday season, compared with 103 million last year.

Adobe attributed the shortfall to heavy discounting in the early hours of the holiday and-higher than-expected online revenue the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

With deals more widely available throughout November and December, Thanksgiving weekend may be less important.

Apart from electronics, beauty products overall sold well over the holiday weekend, analysts said, even as handbag sales were muted. But just as you would plan out your finances when shopping, the same can be said when going out for Black Friday.

The data was reported by Adobe, which collected online shopping data for both Thanksgiving and Black Friday. "We went to Best Buy last night and that was pretty good". "Thursday has stolen Friday, there's no question about it".

Average spending per person fell 3% to $289.19 vs. 2015, according to a Friday-Saturday NRF survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics.

Despite the big numbers over the weekend, there aren't too many shoppers who are finished making purchases this holiday season, according to NRF.

The 25-year-old, who works at a cheerleading and dance company in Memphis, made her main purchases online on Wednesday.



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