Trump seeks Obama advice on appointments

Trump embraces torture, sees value in divisiveness, wants to treat a religious minority as inherently suspect, exaggerates the terrorist threat, and believes criticism of a president (or in this case, a president-elect) is grounds for a tantrum in the form of angry tweets.

USA media has reported that President Barack Obama admitted in an address on Tuesday that the United States could not wipe out the Taliban militant group in Afghanistan, but could help it end years of instability by supporting the government in Kabul.

"I want Dreamers for our children..."

Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said the location for the speech was chosen in recognition of the increased responsibilities the president's strategy has placed on special operations forces.

"They were brought here at a very young age", Trump said.

The pardon could apply to as many as 750,000 young people who have come forward to register under the DACA initiative-one of many of Obama's executive orders that Trump has threatened to undo. "I don't think we've thought through this very well", he answered. And particularly when it comes to detention, the argument that I was making in the Supreme Court, that's not the Trump administration, that's the Obama administration defending a rule that you can lock people up for years without giving them a hearing in front of a judge, just to ask if they can be released, because they're not a danger or flyer risk. "We have a very good dialogue".

Trump has called for the use of torture against terror suspects, advocated a ban on Muslim immigration and questioned the United States' involvement in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, although he's tweaked some of those positions after his election. I really like him. "I really - I do like him", Trump said. "I can't speak to their personal relationship".

Donald Trump is now for amnesty-maybe, sort of, at least for a little bit.

While Trump has been quickly filling high-profile positions in his upcoming Cabinet, the choice for Secretary of State has attracted the most attention in part because Trump is considering nominating Mitt Romney, one of his harshest critics during the campaign. "Did they say, 'I was brought here against my will?'" One Breitbart article, published April 20, 2015, grilled a Marco Rubio spokesman over the issue, suggesting that any legal amnesty for DACA recipients that came before the border was secured would be unacceptable.

His promise, without specifics, for repeat performances of the Carrier deal came as he formally announced in Iowa's capital that he meant to send the state's long-serving governor, Terry Branstad, to Beijing as his next ambassador to China. It's about what's good for the country. "We talk", Trump said. While he was talking about his White House appointments, Trump shared some insight into his recent conversations with the president.

The meeting was the beginning of a bit of a softening between the two with Obama telling his successor that he wanted him to succeed and adding that he would do everything he could to ensure a smooth transition.

"I said, 'Give me a list of 10 companies that are leaving.' And I actually love calling these companies", Trump said at his latest "thank you" rally in Des Moines.



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