Taiwan school principal resigns over student Nazi cosplay event

As the parade launched away with the Nazi-theme being portrayed everywhere, local instructors and the Israeli representative situated there had responded with utter disgust and anger towards the setting of such an event.

On Friday, students at Kuang Fu High School, a private school in the city of Hsinchu in northern Taiwan, had dressed up in Nazi uniforms and held up swastika banners during a parade celebrating the school's 62nd anniversary.

Cheng reportedly said that a teacher had recommended Arabic culture as a theme for the event, but that the students twice voted against it in favor of a Nazi parade.

In a post on Facebook, the Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei condemned the event and called for a better education on the Holocaust: "It is deplorable and shocking that only seven decades after the world witnessed the horrors of the Holocaust, a high school in Taiwan is supporting such an outrageous action".

Responding to the outrage on Saturday, the Presidential Office demanded that the high school apologize to Israel over the incident, saying that it showed an extreme lack of respect to the Jewish people and a profound ignorance regarding recent history. The Taipei Times reported the students were advised the theme would be controversial but some students said they were unaware of Adolf Hitler's atrocities, while others said they chose the Nazi theme because it was easy to convert their uniforms into Nazi costumes.

In one photo that the school has since provided to the media, one student can be seen sitting atop a tank made from cardboard boxes, his arm (albeit his left one) raised in a Nazi salute.

Asher Yarden called the event "deplorable and shocking".

Earlier today, Chen Hsiao-ming, the schools principle, announced that he takes full responsibility for the ordeal, apologized, and announced his resignation.

Germany's de facto embassy in Taiwan said in a statement that the students failed to understand that the Nazi symbol stands for human contempt and oppression.

He pleaded in the statement for the public to refrain from excessive scolding of the students and teacher involved, who he said have been under overwhelming pressure due to their cosplay.

Education Minister Pan Wen-chung also apologized, ordering the school officials to teach pupils about modern history.

He admitted he should have "immediately rejected" the decision.

Some students were reportedly feeling distressed over the online backlash and have told the teacher that they can not attend school on Monday, the report said. "We are disappointed that an incident like this occurred in Taiwan".



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