Syrian army captures more areas in eastern Aleppo

Since the Syrian conflict began in March 2011, Russian Federation has wielded its Security Council veto on Syria-related resolutions five times, and China has done so four times.

In preparation for street-by-street fighting in these districts, hundreds of fighters from Syria's elite Republican Guard and Fourth Division arrived in Aleppo on Friday, the Observatory said.

Almost 30,000 people have fled eastern Aleppo since Saturday, U.N. special envoy Staffan de Mistura said today. "All hospitals in the city are out of service".

"We have exchanged a set of ideas, which there will be a meeting on early next week in Geneva, and we have to wait and see whether those ideas have any legs to them", Mr Kerry said.

Civilians in rebel-held eastern Aleppo expressed desperation for their survival as fighting carves deeper into their half of the city.

Dean said a call by Western governments and their regional allies for ceasefire in Aleppo aimed to pave the way for terrorist groups trapped in the city to find a way to regroup.

The relentless barrage has left Aleppo's streets strewn with the bodies of men, women and children, many lying next to the suitcases they had packed to escape.

Vegetable stalls - empty for months because of a devastating government siege - now lay shattered by heavy artillery fire.

Speaking to the Tasnim News Agency, Abdul-Qader Azouz, who is also a professor of politics, denounced Erdogan's statement that his forces in Syria are there to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad, saying that such remarks are nothing new. Activists have accused the government of using such agreements to alter the demographic balance of key areas around the country to shore up support.

The unjustifiable American silence outright serves Russian Federation and Assad, who is attempting to regain control over Syria regardless of the toll on human lives. A Syrian military source had said on Wednesday that the army had fully recaptured Sheikh Saeed. "The possibility exists for the five-year Syrian civil war to descend into a protracted battle fought through hit-and-run-style attacks, which regime forces are not prepared to handle".

He said Russian Federation has pledged to respect the corridors, and that "we (the U.N.) now feel confident that the armed opposition groups will do the same". O'Brien says the aid and other humanitarian supplies are prepositioned to reach people in the city.

Egeland said access to the besieged areas of east Aleppo was essential, adding that the United Nations has enough food stored in western Aleppo to feed 150,000 people in the east, as well as medical supplies to cover all the needs there.

De Mistura told the European Parliament that Islamic State was "like Ebola", the deadly disease, and referred to comments in the USA presidential election campaign made by Trump, who said he would bomb the militant group heavily. A humanitarian pause and permission to provide assistance are needed immediately.

"There are no more vulnerable people on earth probably than the civilian population in Aleppo", he told the media. "And they are extremely vulnerable for possible actions by the armed opposition groups as they try to leave and by all of the groups that will meet them as they leave".

Another 50,000 have poured out into territory controlled by government forces or local Kurdish authorities, according to the Observatory.

The Syrian government has been keen to show it is restoring normalcy to the shell-shocked community following the swift restoration of government control to areas held by the opposition for four years.



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