Surveillance video shown in church slayings case

Dylann Roof, the accused killer of nine unarmed black churchgoers, has a "hateful heart".

Jurors in the Charleston church shooting trial have viewed dashcam video from two police cruisers showing the apprehension of Dylann Roof.

Numerous pictures showed several victims lying on the floor under round tables. He said he gave the man his hand and the man squeezed it, smiled and passed away. And Debbie, I understand it was actually a rather dramatic day of opening testimony, and a survivor took the witness stand.

In all, the team recovered 74 casings and four live rounds at the church, the oldest African Methodist Episcopal place of worship in the US South.

At first, she said she thought it was something wrong with the electricity.

The remaining group dove under tables, Sanders finding herself between her aunt and son, who was shot. "There is no place left on Earth for him except the pit of hell".

Emotions overcame her and the judge called a recess in Roof's federal death penalty trial.

Lawyers for the accused Charleston church shooter are largely conceding his guilt in the deaths of nine black parishioners and are focused on keeping their client out of the death chamber.

Defense attorney David Bruck said the facts of the case are largely undisputed and that he would likely ask few questions of the government witnesses.

The second part of the trial is the penalty phase. But he said he will represent himself if he is found guilty and must fight for his life during the penalty phase. His mother said Roof replied: "I have to do this".

The white defendant's "racism, his violence, his assault on a house of worship won't prevail in this courtroom", said Richardson. A final clip taken about 25 minutes after Roof leaves shows one of the shooting victims carried out on a stretcher. According to a reporter who observed the process, it appears that the panel is racially mixed.

Police lead Dylann Roof into the courthouse in Shelby, N.C., on June 18, 2015.

Richardson said Roof had been spreading his message before the shootings by publishing an online racist manifesto and writing in his journal about his hopes for a race war. The judge denied the request.

Jurors were also shown surveillance footage of Roof as he left the church holding a.45 Glock semi-automatic handgun.

Roof is charged with hate crimes in the death of nine people at the downtown Charleston church.

It was revealed in opening statements that Roof confessed to investigators by saying "I did it".

Roof allegedly wanted to ignite a war between the races and announced that blacks were raping white women and trying to seize control of the United States. Next should be how prosecutors say Roof planned this and targeted this church, Mother Emanuel in Charleston, because of its significance in the black community.

The 33 federal counts against Roof include hate crimes resulting in death and obstruction of exercise of religion resulting in death.

Roof's main act during his week as his own lawyer was to oversee, along with prosecutors, the selection of 67 people who will make up the pool for the 12 jurors and six alternates.

Opening statements in the Charleston shooting trial of Dylan Roof started on Wednesday.

Roof's trial began as another one with racial overtones ended in a mistrial. He has also been charged in a state murder case, which also carries the death penalty and is scheduled follow this trial.



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