Soon your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be Unusable

On Friday, Samsung Electronics said that the software update, to be released in mid-December in the United States, would prevent the devices from charging and functioning as mobile phones, leaving them useless.

Couple of months back, Samsung reported about its review program for Note 7 over its shortcoming battery section and blast concerns which will be held on a global level, few days before the arrival of Apple's new flagships - iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

The South Korean smartphone maker announced last week that more than 93% of recalled phones have been turned in at this point, but that still leaves tens of thousands of phones out there that could explode at any time.

Verizon, however is not participating in this software rollout. The carrier said that it doesn't want to risk leaving people with no way to communicate while they're traveling for the holidays, so it will not release Samsung's new update.

"Today, Samsung announced an update to the Galaxy Note7 that would stop the smartphone from charging, rendering it useless unless attached to a power charger".

T-Mobile plans to push out the Note 7 crippling update on Tuesday, December 27th. The company has already sent out regular updates and warnings on the risks posed by Galaxy Note 7, and it seems, the stand should be on the consumer whether he/she chooses to use the device despite the given warnings.

On Dec. 19, Samsung will release a software update that will prevent the phone from charging and eliminate its ability to work as mobile devices. "This software update is created to further minimise customer risk and reinforce to customers to replace their device through the Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Programme as soon as possible".

In the light of all the controversy surrounding the Samsung Note 7 phones, Samsung has also issued an update which won't allow the Samsung Note 7 to charge anymore. It says the update, especially in the midst of the holiday season, can "make it impossible to contact family, first responders or medical professionals in an emergency situation". Now, we're hearing an even more radical rumor: a report from the Korean website ETnews suggests that Samsung is experimenting with phones featuring two screens. The company is doing so for its customers' safety, according to Samsung.



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