Russian Federation ready to work with new USA administration

Russian President Vladimir Putin Thursday said he needed friends in his fight against terrorism and invited US President-elect Donald Trump to normalize relations between the two countries, which have deteriorated considerably under Barack Obama.

Bogdanov, who is President Vladimir #Putin's special representative for the Middle East and Africa, declined to name the Trump team members, adding only that Moscow hoped that relations with Washington over Syria would improve under the incoming administration.

There has been speculation in the Russian media that Putin could announce plans to move the presidential election now set for March 2018 up to 2017 or significant constitutional reforms.

In his speech, Putin said Russian Federation wanted to work with the United States, citing global terrorism as a common enemy. "We have a shared responsibility to ensure global security". "It's clear that Putin's address to the Federal Assembly is nothing more than a ritual at this point, he doesn't treat the content of his speech seriously".

He also claimed that Russian Federation is "ready for cooperation with the new American administration".

The Kremlin rejected the accusations.

"In the last few years we have faced attempts of foreign pressure with all tools involved - from the myths about Russian aggression, (allegations) of meddling in elections to the hounding of our athletes", Putin said, referring to recent doping scandals. But it also touched on Russia's role in worldwide politics and provided an insight into his country's geopolitical strategy.

Putin told lawmakers at the Kremlin, "We don't want confrontation with anyone".

"Unlike other foreign colleagues, who see Russian Federation as an enemy, we are not looking for and never looked for enemies", Putin added.

The next presidential election is in 2018, and though he has not said if he will seek another term, Mr Putin is widely expected to run.

"As we can see, our people have united together, and we need to thank them for doing so".

"We are committed to a friendly, equal dialogue to upholding the principles of justice and mutual respect and worldwide affairs ... we are ready for serious discussion on the creation of a stable system of global relations in the 21st century", Putin said about efforts to work with the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries.

"Our servicemen in Syria are fulfilling that task", he said.

President-elect Trump was absolutely correct on the campaign trail stating that a better U.S. -Russia relationship would be beneficial for U.S. interests and global security, but he must not underestimate the difficulties in achieving major breakthroughs. This news story is related to Print/169214-Russia-not-looking-for-enemies-Putin/ - breaking news, latest news, pakistan ne.

Putin said Russian Federation is open to a "friendly and equal dialogue" about global security.

He mentioned an intention to develop stronger ties with China and India, adding that it's dictated by long-term interests rather than a strain on Russia's ties with the USA and the European Union.

However, Putin pointed out that Russia's economic status quo is far from satisfactory, saying basic problems plaguing the economy must be resolved in order to reinvigorate economy and promote development.



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