Relative says she has no answers in shooting

Friends and family of former NFL player Joe Mc Knight gather at the scene of his shooting death as the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office investigates in Terry

The Times-Picayune reported that Gasser was released overnight Thursday; a sheriff's spokesman said investigators were consulting with the district attorney's office on whether or not to charge Gasser with a crime.

Now we've learned that the man who shot him, Ronald Gasser, in a supposed fit of road rage, has been released from custody and no charges have been filed in the case.

"Mr. Gasser is not going anywhere", Normand said. "We will be releasing additional details as we get through these interviews with these witnesses", Normand told reporters. On Thursday, Normand told the New Orleans Times-Picayune that McKnight didn't have a gun and officers didn't find one outside the vehicle.

Morris Reed Sr., president of the New Orleans branch of the NAACP, was part of a small group of protesters outside the sheriff's office Friday. "Mr. Gasser was in his vehicle when he fired three shots". Normand said, referring to the police saying made popular on Hawaii Five-0. "We will do a very thorough and deliberate investigation".

"It just becomes nearly unfathomable that a life could be snuffed out that quickly over getting cut off in a lane or a bumper getting bumped - and people would lose it to that degree", said J.T. Curtis, head football coach at John Curtis High School.

McKnight, 28, was considered the top running back in the country when he signed to play for the University of Southern California in 2007. He spent this season in the Canadian Football League.

Tragically, Joe McKnight's life was cut short on December 1, 2016 when he was shot twice by 54-year-old Ronald Gasser following an apparent road rage incident.

McKnight's stepfather, Elmo Lee, told killed-in-apparent-road-rage-shooting?utm_content=buffer7f4c2&utm_medium=social&">Fox's New Orleans affiliate McKnight was nearing a contract with the Minnesota Vikings.

At the Friday news conference, Coroner Cvitanovich said that McKnight sustained three gunshot wounds: one in his hand; one which entered through his shoulder and punctured his lung; and one which entered his chest and went through his liver and kidney.

"Gasser was released overnight and has not been charged as of yet".

Gasser's release immediately raised questions about what exactly led to the shooting.

According to reports, McKnight himself was unarmed at the time of the attack. Former New Orleans Saints defensive end Will Smith was killed in April. That included a franchise-record 107-yarder in 2011 against Baltimore that also stands as the team's longest play. He played 2 games later that year before tearing an Achilles tendon.

CBS affiliate WWLTV reports that a news release from the sheriff's office stated that prior to the shooting, both vehicles were on Behrman Highway, parallel to one another.



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