Quake scale: Ohio St win vs Michigan rocked stadium the most

Wisconsin v Michigan State

After all, how can you leave out one of the top teams in the country who won the best conference (Big Ten) in 2016? Lamar Jackson will win the Heisman Trophy.

The College Football Playoff is the only thing that really matters this weekend. Charlie Strong will not.

The overtime loss by the Wolverines became Washington's gain as the Huskies moved into the No. 4 spot in the playoff committee's rankings Tuesday. The Broncos (12-0) will play OH (8-4) in Friday's MAC championship game.

The Nittany Lions (10-2) will face No. 6 Wisconsin (10-2) Saturday in Indianapolis. MI fell to No. 5 after losing to the Buckeyes in double overtime this past weekend. Their tilt was all but an elimination game; both knew that a loss would nearly certainly rule them out of contention for the playoff. And if it's about "four very best teams", then there's the sentiment that the "two very best teams" in the Big Ten just played in Columbus and the Big Ten championship game is a "consolation prize".

The rest of the top 10 includes Michigan, Wisconsin, Penn State, Colorado, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

Now, at the very least, if a spot opens up in the top four, the committee has to debate the merits of MI vs the victor of the Big Ten.

What about Colorado? The committee clearly favors the Big Ten over the Pac-12, so would a win over Washington be enough to jump either MI or the Big Ten champion? MI beat Penn State 49-10.

It looks like not only does the committee not mind putting one Big Ten team without a conference championship in the playoff, but it is also comfortable with two.

They'd be even unhappier if Ohio State - a team Penn State beat at home this year - got in instead. There's also the sentiment that MI needs Wisconsin to beat Penn State to have the best chance. MI has beaten both teams this year, but lost at Iowa (8-4) on November 12.

The Big 12 added a conference championship game with the notion that a championship game - and 13th data point - could make a difference in the conference's chances of making the playoff (and for the revenue).

Despite the game happening four days ago, Ohio State's thrilling victory over MI is still on the minds of many college football fans, especially with the new rankings out. They needed to be ranked ahead of one of the Big Ten teams to have a shot and that did not happen. The Badgers, who were projected to finish near the bottom half of the conference at the season's inception, beat LSU, Michigan State and Nebraska while all were ranked in the Top 10.

If Clemson loses, it'll enter the two-loss pool with MI. They now sit sixth in the CFP Rankings, and it's hard to imagine they wouldn't rise after adding a Big Ten title to their resume. But probably not for Ohio State. Given the seasons put together by Alabama, Clemson and Washington, it's hard to imagine any of those teams missing out on the playoff if they win the SEC, ACC and Pac-12 titles respectively this weekend, which would limit the Big Ten to just one representative. Washington converted the other two Colorado turnovers into field goals. If the committee wants to put a value on conference championships it could dock the Crimson Tide and Ohio State a spot or two and jump Clemson to No. 1. On the other hand, the Badgers would have less impressive wins over LSU and Penn State, but their only losses were 14-7 at MI and in overtime to Ohio State.



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