Pele reflects on 'sad moment' of Chapecoense tragedy

The Bolivian Civil Aviation Authority announced it had indefinitely halted all flights operated by LaMia and also was suspending some aviation officials during the investigation.

The other victims - 64 Brazilians, five Bolivians and a Venezuelan - were flown home on a series of flights throughout the day.

The government did not explain the decision.

He said the governing body of South American football, known as CONMEBOL, was not involved in choosing LaMia.

Clad in a yellow police jacket, Tumiri - one of just six people who survived the plane crash that killed 71 in Medellin on Monday - sobbed in Spanish for "my crew".

The recording, obtained by Colombian media, appeared to confirm the accounts of a surviving flight attendant and a pilot flying nearby who overheard the frantic exchange. He was told another plane with mechanical problems had priority to land at the airport's single runway and was instructed to wait seven minutes. In the last few seconds of the frantic exchange, Quiroga said that the plane was "in total failure, total electrical failure, without fuel" before crashing some 30 miles away from the airport. "How much time can you remain in your approach, Lima-Mike-India?" said the operator. "I don't understand how they could do the flight nonstop with the fuel requirements that the regulations stipulate". Vectors is the term for the navigation service provided to planes by air traffic control.

She gives him directions and asks his altitude.

"Nine thousand feet, ma'am".

Arias' last words to her father were, "Don't worry".

The air traffic controller said in an email sent to her colleagues and released to local media Thursday that she had done everything humanly and technically possible to save the lives of the plane's passengers.

The plane had disregarded worldwide rules on fuel reserves, he said.

A full investigation into the crash is expected to take months. The bodies of the Brazilian victims will be repatriated later Friday o.

At the San Vicente funeral home, victims' families gathered in mourning.

Roberto Di Marchi came to Colombia to escort the body of his cousin Nilson Folle Junior, 29, a director of Chapecoense, back home. "I can't say that God saved my son", said Zampier, Sr., c. And now he's like this, in a coffin.

Colombia's Atletico Nacional, who were ready to host the first leg of the final on Wednesday night, instead held a ceremony in honour of their fallen rivals Chapecoense, whose planed crashed into a hillside outside of Medellin.

In the squad's hometown of Chapeco, in southern Brazil, temporary structures have been set up in the football stadium for an open-air wake on Saturday.

Periods of silence will also be held before next week's Champions League and Europa League matches.

Running out of fuel is "very, very rare in commercial aviation terms because there are so many checks and balances to make sure you have enough fuel on board", said Grant Brophy, an air safety investigator.

Of the survivors, Ruschel and Neto were said to be in critical but stable conditions, with the former having had spinal surgery.



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