Louis Tomlinson releasing debut solo album

Louis Tomlinson releasing debut solo album

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Louis is a brilliant songwriter and had not initially planned his own solo career". At the same time, Niall Horan heavily hinted that a One Direction 2017 reunion may take place!

In September, Styles also weighed in on the idea of the reunion of the band.

Louis Tomlinson is the final member of One Direction to announce he is embarking on a solo career. Tomlinson's decision to stick with Syco, however, could imply that he's more than happy to maintain it - albeit developed to suit the mature standing of a boy band member looking to assert his capabilities as a solo artist.

It was previously speculated that Tomlinson would explore a television career, starting off as a judge on X Factor. "There's definitely more than one more 1D show coming up, that's a fact". Tomlinson has been occupied becoming a full-time father to son Freddie.

Niall Horan Says That One Direction Will Return was a Top 3 story on Tuesday: (Radio.com) Niall Horan may not have finished recording his first solo album, but even though he's focused on that project for the moment, he knows that his days with One Direction aren't over just yet. Scroll through to see the highlights from the past year, but keep a weather eye out for a One Direction reunion down the line.

Unlike the other members of One Direction, Louis has chose to stay with Simon Cowell's label Syco and will be releasing new tracks in 2017. "We would be silly not to". Rumors say that he is planning on building his own family with girlfriend Cheryl Cole. Harry Styles is trying out acting while collaborating and writing songs for other artists. So if you thought that when One Direction parted ways last December that that would be the last you saw of them, you were sorely mistaken.



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