Joe McKnight killed in apparent road rage incident

Ronald Gasser, the alleged shooter in the killing of former USC and National Football League running back Joe McKnight, was arrested and charged with simple battery in 2006 stemming from a road rage incident, police said. He was in the driver's seat of a blue Infinity G37 at the time and shot through his open passenger window, two of which hit McKnight, who had already gotten out of his Audi Q7.

Gasser was interviewed by the Sheriff's Office after shooting McKnight following an alleged road rage altercation, but was released later in the evening.

In the 2006 incident, police say the victim had first called a phone number on a pickup truck to report that the truck was being driven unsafely.

After the shooting, Gasser reportedly waited for police to arrive, and handed in his firearm. "People can Monday Morning Quarterback what we've done". So that's not the issue.

"If he was going to be arrested, there would have to be charge, and the district attorney was the best to consult about what the charge would be since they are the ones who will prosecute the case", Fortunato said.

Again, this vague description of the reasoning behind the decision did not really clarify why the shooter was let go.

But Normand defended his handling of the case, saying the investigation was ongoing. Authorities are exercising caution and not rushing to judgment, Normand said on Friday. Preliminary accounts from witnesses and the shooter suggested that the events were the culmination of a road rage incident. I've been knowing him from 6, and this is just senseless, and it has to stop.

The witness says Gasser then took the gun and put it inside of his vehicle while waiting for police to arrive. Gasser was inside his auto when he fired three shots at McKnight; three casings were located in Gasser's vehicle, he said. "In fact, the man who raised Joe McKnight Jr. used to work for this office".

The drivers pulled over at the intersection of Behrman and Holmes Boulevard with police saying that Gasser appeared to have fired three times from inside his auto. "Mr. Gasser was in his vehicle when he fired three shots", Normand said. Although Gasser was initially brought to a police station, he was released without charges.

"I know a couple of the other guys that I heard from were also working with Joe and doing some stuff with him to trying to help him with a job and things like that that he was looking forward to and just none of us were able to pull it off". "Everybody wants to make this about race", he told reporters. "This isn't about race". "Killing somebody is a crime and I think it's a total miscarriage of justice of the law enforcement officer to release this guy".

Normand reiterated the sheriff's office has made no determination about the shooting at this point and is still talking to witnesses, some whom authorities have found via Facebook. McKnight was black, Glasser is white.

Information about the shooting was released by officials in Louisiana on Friday, and included details on an autopsy. He didn't say which driver cut off the other.



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