Japanese PM to visit Pearl Harbor

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James Dennison, an honorary member of the Pearl Harbor Survivor's Association says there aren't many left in Kansas.

President Barack Obama on Wednesday praised the alliance between Japan and the U.S., exactly 75 years after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor that led to America's entrance into World War 2.

"Really at my age I didn't comprehend what the impact of what it was", Gasche said. "I have vivid memories of growing up during that war though, with the soldiers barracked at Marietta College and doing PT (physical training) along the city streets".

Irene says she is proud and thankful on days like today to be a veteran and to remember those who died protecting our country.

"Those soldiers and sailors were heroes", he explained.

The shirt Aron D'Aquila is wearing belonged to his grandfather a World War II veteran.

Lawrence is the granddaughter of James Byrd, a Navy sailor who served aboard the USS Ward, one of the many ships docked in the Hawaiian harbor the morning of the Japanese attack there December 7, 1941.

This day hits especially close to him because of his uncle. "So, we have to be prepared", Henderson said. "I will visit Pearl Harbor with President Obama". I hate to think about how many are still with us, very possibly none of them.

They represent the only CT school invited to be among the 1,300 US and Japanese students who are performing.

While many at the ceremony were not alive at that time, a 91-year-old World War II and Korean War veteran Floyd Brantley remembered where he was that day.

Miami Beach Fire Chief Virgil Fernandez said the collaborative event served as a reminder to the importance of paying proper respect to the nation's "most iconic symbol of freedom".

The group ate in the hall of the Armory on Front Street after the ceremony, sharing stories and fellowship while protected from the December chill.

During the memorial tribute, students, staff, political and community leaders, as well as veterans listened to notable speakers reflect on that tragic day.



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