Italian woman celebrates 117th birthday with eggs and cookies

Emma Morano

Born November 29, 1899, she is the world's oldest living person and the secret to her longevity appears to lie in eschewing usual medical wisdom.

Emma Morano, 117 years hold, sits in her home in the day of her birthday in Verbania, Italy, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016. She blew out the candles, posed graciously for countless photographs and accepted cheek kisses galore.

Ms Morano says her secret to longevity is not eating too much, because she has no teeth - but she swears by a steady diet of two eggs a day.

"She is very lucid, very present", Bava said. Two raw eggs and a few biscuits each day for more than 90 years.

Morano's long life will be celebrated with a party and concert hosted by the town of Verbania where she lives.

A year after her 6-month-old child died, she left her husband.

Italy's Emma Morano, the world's oldest living person, marked her 117th birthday on Tuesday, blowing out all the candles on her cake.

Italy's Emma Morano became the Guinness Book of Records-certified "oldest woman in the world" this past May, following the death of American Susannah Mushatt Jones. She does not watch TV as she also has a hard time seeing but does like to sleep.

"I sang in my house, and people on the road stopped to hear me singing". From America, Switzerland, Austria, Turin, Milan. She has outlived all of her siblings despite being the oldest. "I worked in a factory until I was 65, then that was that".

But her doctor, Carlo Bava, said his patient remained alert and continued to have a reasonable quality of life. "My sisters and I loved to dance and we'd run away to the dance hall and then our mother would come looking for us with a birch stick", she recalled.

Emma also received gifts and said she was happy to turn 117. But her doctor cites her consistency as a reason she's lived so long.

Emma has a hard time hearing now but can still speak.

Last year, Bava said Morano has never had a very balanced diet, relying mostly on animal protein, the occasional banana and grapes in season.

She credits her long life to not being "dominated" by anyone and to staying single since she divorced in her late 30s.



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