'ISIS is broken' Victory close after 1000 terrorists killed in Mosul bloodbath

'ISIS is broken' Victory close after 1000 terrorists killed in Mosul bloodbath

HAJ ALI, Iraq Iraqi forces assaulted Islamic State-held villages across dusty fields south of Mosul on Tuesday, where suicide vehicle bombers and snipers caused some two dozen casualties in a blatant reminder that militants still hold ground far from the main battlefield.

There were also reports of IS fighters shooting at fleeing civilians, including a November 22 report of an IS sniper killing a seven-year-old child who was running toward the Iraqi military's lines in eastern Mosul's Adan neighborhood. "We are trying to advance cautiously to minimize casualties, and we are convinced that we will eventually be asked to liberate the western sector of the city when we are done here". "We have a lack of medications and the operating rooms are full".

"We have arrived in populated districts". They say the missing men were Islamic State militants killed in battle.

Special forces and army units entered the city's eastern outskirts at the start of this month.

"We have made changes to plans, partly due to the changing nature of the enemy.Daesh (Islamic State) is not based in one location, but moving from here to there", he said.

"Tanks don't work here, artillery is not effective", a commander said.

The Iraqi government has asked civilians in Mosul to stay at home during the offensive, as humanitarian organisations say they can not cope with an influx of hundred of thousands of people displaced from the city.

People living in the city who try to prevent them placing snipers in their homes and those suspected of leaking information or trying to flee are also being murdered, Ravina Shamdasani said.

It's not like urban warfare is a surprise in invading Iraq's second largest city, however, and while the failures underscore Iraq's military limits, they also suggest profound mistakes in the US-led planning of the invasion.

Dozens of districts must be taken in the east before attacking forces reach the Tigris River which splits Mosul into east and west. In a positive note, coalition airstrikes that cut off the city's four bridges across the river have helped reduce the number of auto bombs, commanders say. "Their spirit is broken", Asadi said.

However, US State Department spokesperson John Kirby said about the fight against ISIS in the daily press briefing on Monday: "We are, as we've said many times, making significant progress against this terrorist group, but we also acknowledge that this is going to be a long-term fight".

"They stage fewer suicide bombings".

Coalition airstrikes conducted 9 missions on Monday alone, according to an official statement, targeting ISIS facilities and tunnels in areas close to the townships of Bashir, Beiji, Raw, Tal Afar and Mosul. The AP notes that the Iraqi military does not release numbers for its own casualties, so it is impossible to compare the 1,000 dead jihadi estimate to how many troops the government has sacrificed to eliminate them.



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