Get a KFC candle and make your room smell like fried chicken

Mugs beanies posters and candles — many exciting giveaways for fans

Making use of the wonderful social media platform known as Twitter, KFC New Zealand offered chicken-scented candles to lucky users.

While the candle isn't for sale, KFC gave customers a chance to win one through a contest that ended December 5.

This isn't the first unusual product tie-in the company has been involved in. We know this because KFC New Zealand recently posted a competition to their social media pages, with the prize being this holy grail of 21st century artefacts.

More than 15,000 people entered into the contest, but there was only one victor.

The eatery said the winners will be announced Monday.

All of these are certainly interesting, especially the candle.

-KFC has taken over your body, your fingernails, and your prom, and now it's here for your whole house.

Hand-crafted by the chicken company's very own digital marketing manager Enna Ye, the candles are, unsurprisingly, limited-edition. Brands (YUM), is no stranger to marketing ploys devoted to the signature scent of their fried chicken.



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