Dallas rookies get Giants again 12 games after only loss

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Elliott's first game as a pro was a bit of a disappointing one, rushing for just 51 yards on 20 attempts.

The Dallas Cowboys (11-1) are the first team in the National Football League to clinch a playoff spot this season.

For only the second time in franchise history, the Cowboys used a Top 5 draft pick on a running back when they selected Ezekiel Elliott. Following up on his pledge to not rest the starting line-up that has led the Cowboys to a record-setting season, Jones says that he wouldn't even considering bringing Romo back in to play.

Once named the 2016 starter by owner Jerry Jones, even after the drafting of Ezekiel Elliott fourth overall, McFadden has obviously lost his top spot to the current National Football League leading rusher - but there's still value in the 1000-yard rusher just a few months removed.

“Thats never been our mindset is to coast at any point, ” Prescott said Wednesday. I doubt SB Nation keeps records for this sort of thing, but Dave and I are two of the few remaining original site editors, so we have probably done this Q&A more often anyone else. How good? The New York Giants home game this Sunday versus Dallas is shaping up to be the third most expensive Giants game of the decade.

The Cowboys have already clinched a playoff spot and are nearly certainly going to win the NFC East.

If both those things happen with the Lions and Seahawks, a Dallas win would mean the Cowboys don't play another meaningful game until the divisional round of the playoffs in five weeks.

"Like I said, everyone knows what's going on on the field", the 24-year-old said. "You have to internally work together as a group and be the best version of yourselves". The better we are, the deeper we get into January and February is the ultimate goal, of course. "So I'm not anxious about that at all". Coach Jason Garrett chose to play quarterback Tony Romo and most of the regulars on the way to a four-game winning streak to end the regular season.

Having 10 days between games might help after turning around for a quick Sunday-Thursday game on Thanksgiving and traveling to Detroit for an important divisional matchup and then facing the NFL-leading Cowboys last Thursday.

"I've just got to be smart", Prescott said. If you've got lightning in a bottle or the start of something great, you don't shelf it and hope it still has the same electricity a little while later. "You know, it came back to bite us".

This time, the question figures to come up much earlier.

Beckham, who has 75 catches for 1,015 yards and eight touchdowns, said Wednesday that he wasn't surprised by his coach's comment. “Locked in on our meetings this morning. And now we're getting ready for practice. Thats the world we live in.”. "They're the only blemish on our record right now, and just to be able to go up there at their place and be able to do what they did to us the first game, we're excited for the opportunity".



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