Chester County To Recount Votes In Several Precincts

Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell said the county was slightly ahead of schedule with more than 100,000 ballots counted within the first four days of the recount. Stein got about 1 percent or less in each of the three states.

Meanwhile in MI, the recounting was stopped Thursday after U.S. District Court Judge Mark Goldsmith ruled that Stein had no standing to ask for the recount. Kalamazoo County completed its recount Tuesday night. It will become the largest recount in MI history if it goes forward.

The Michigan appeals court says Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has no right to seek a recount in the state because of her fourth-place finish in the November 8 election.

Her attorney, Hayley Horowitz, told USA Today that the recount needs to continue in order to reveal "those problems so that the people of MI can see how their election operates". He orders recounts to start at noon on Monday.

Former Green Party candidate Jill Stein is using her Pennsylvania recount effort to "line her pockets" with cash from fearful supporters, President-elect Donald Trump's lawyer said in a court filing.

Michigan's attorney general, Bill Schuette, lauded the ruling late Wednesday in a statement on Facebook, calling it a "huge victory for MI taxpayers and the rule of law". He pointed to a Monday decision by a federal judge who accelerated the process.

On Tuesday a federal appeals court refused to stop the recount.

Accordingly, the court determined Stein was not an "aggrieved party" under the law. Stein has also asked two of the court's justices to disqualify themselves because they are on Trump's list of potential U.S. Supreme Court nominees.

We hope those who supported Stein can live with the real possibility that their money may not amount to any change in results and that any recount will prove fruitless.

But another ruling - from the US 6th Circuit Court of Appeals - upheld federal judge Mark Goldsmith's order.

And on Friday, Stein and her attorneys have a court date in Philadelphia.

Given the streamlined process and state regulations, Wisconsin will likely put a smaller dent in the Stein recount budget.

The ruling seals Republican Donald Trump's narrow electoral victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the state.

A federal judge has ordered a hearing on the Green Party request for a presidential election recount in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Trump's team has had little success in stopping the recounts through legal challenges. Unfortunately, even with Stein's campaign appealing the halted recount, time may be against them considering the upcoming deadline for recounted vote tallies.

Woodhams said the Stein campaign would pay for the precincts already counted since the recount began and would be reimbursed for those that were not counted or were deemed unrecountable under state law.

"The vulnerability of our system of voting poses the threat of a potentially devastating attack on the integrity of our election system", Goldsmith wrote, stressing that a potential threat alone does not justify a recount. Trump won that state by about 22,000 votes and Clinton has picked up 85 votes with 70 percent of the recount completed. However, Clinton soundly defeated Trump in Chester County, 141,694 to Trump's 116,147.



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