Car company offering red light-reading vehicles in Las Vegas

2017 audi a4

One of the most interesting features proposed by Audi is one where the vehicle will suggest the ideal speed to "maximise the number of green lights one can make in sequence". Ford explains: "Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory uses information on traffic light timings from a roadside unit to display to the driver the best speed to travel at to get a green light". Audi has paired up with Traffic Technology Services, an information provider for connected cars, to help facilitate the transfer of traffic light data to Audi vehicles.

These two models are now able to connect to the city's traffic infrastructure - specifically the computer that runs the traffic lights - and exchange data in real time, so they can display the traffic-light phases inside the vehicle, and count down to the green light. Through a 4G LTE data connection, these cars receive signal information from the traffic management system.

Audi is the first vehicle manufacturer to connect a auto to a city infrastructure.

Audi will be making this technology available starting next year, starting with some of its models like Q7 and A4.

Audi sees the V2I system as their first step toward autonomous driving. "Drivers can adapt their behavior to the situation and move through city traffic in a much more relaxed and controlled way", stated Andreas Reich, head of Electronics Pre-Development at AUDI AG in a press statement. "This saved time for the driver and also made fuel savings of about 15 percent in the pilot project".

Audi is launching a brand new, state-of-the art vehicle-to-infrastructure platform (V2I) in some of its cars that is truly futuristic.

Drivers will be will be able to see whether they will reach lights when they are green via a heads-up display, and if they are not able to make a green light, the time remaining until the next green light will appear, allowing them to slow down in advance in order to miss red lights. Audi is working on that, it says, and when it's done, its cars will be able to offer traffic light information right across Europe.

In addition, Audi says it is also planning to bring the technology to Europe, having already trialled the system in Berlin, Ingolstadt, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Verona. "After that has been done, we can provide Traffic Light Information in Europe too", Michael Zweck announced.



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