U.S. spy chief says has submitted letter of resignation

US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper at the 2016 Intelligence and National Security Summit in Washington

James Clapper has announced that he is resigning as director of national intelligence, telling a House committee that he would not be serving under the Trump administration.

"I submitted my letter of resignation last night which felt pretty good".

Mr. Clapper, who started as a young intelligence office reporting to his father in Vietnam, said he was counting down the days until he could step down.

As American's chief spy, Clapper has been a vocal defender of the National Security Agency and other arms of the USA government responsible for espionage. Ron Wyden over whether the NSA gathers "any type of data at all on millions of Americans". His tenure was marked by the revelations of Edward Snowden, whose leaks about USA intelligence shook up the community like nothing in a generation.

He at first responded that he gave the "least most untruthful" answer, but he later called his statement "clearly erroneous".

Following a military career that ended with his retirement as an Air Force lieutenant general and the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Clapper initially retired from service in 1995.



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