Two New Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Videos Tease Its Puzzles


Resident Evil 7 has been getting regular videos that show off the many different facets of the game, and now we have two new ones to check out.

The first video released, the seventh in the series, is named "A Closer Look". This is definitely some sort of puzzle the player will need to solve. This goes to show you that Resident Evil VII will be full of unusual objects which the player will have to check from all sides by rotating it.

As you can see below, you'll be able to inspect items using the left and right triggers, as well as the sticks, to rotate and inspect items. You will be surprised to see what you find. Rotating certain objects will create many shapes, meaning you'll have to position them just properly to cast the shape you're looking for.

The second video above titled "Imagination" is somewhat similar to the first one, though it shows more in-depth observation of the objects, especially with the use of lights and shadows.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be available January 24th, 2017.

For a complete list of all the volumes released, Eurogamer compiled every single video released by CAPCOM on YouTube and users can simply go to this page to watch them all seamlessly.



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