Twitter Suspends its Own CEO's Account

Twitter boss briefly suspended from his own network

Twitter has been left red-faced after it briefly suspended its own CEO's account.

It is unclear why Mr. Dorsey's account was suspended for about a half hour. When his account was reinstated around 9:15 p.m. EST, it initially had fewer than 200 followers.

Soon after Dorsey was reinstated, his number of followers was showing up as only about 145 - a steep drop from the roughly 3.9 million he had previously. The company says on its website that it suspends accounts that "violate Twitter rules".

UPDATE 11:35 P.M.: According to Dorsey, his suspension was due to "an internal mistake".

The CEO himself quickly cleared things up by tweeting that the error was an "internal mistake". Although the social media platform had always banned accounts that participated in abusive behavior, this was the first example of Twitter banning users for espousing a hateful ideology rather than specifically harassing users.

People having control over muting items that they want to see is a welcome move by Twitter as now it has become easier to avoid the harassment faced by Twitter users.

Twitter has suffered from a rough time in 2016.

Late last month, Twitter said it was cutting hundreds of jobs and killing off its video app, Vine.



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