Trump's hot words will undo gains made to stop global warming

Donald Trump, who believes that climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese. The Paris agreement's goals on greenhouse gas emission cuts aren't legally binding, so Trump could pull the rug out from under the deal by ending the Clean Power Plan.

The President-elect has chosen climate change sceptic Myron Ebell to lead the Environmental Protection Agency's transition plans.

If we are to judge by the limited policy positions Trump has publicly listed on his campaign website, the EPA can expect to see a major transformation, with the elimination of one of its major rules: the Clean Power Plan. While Trump can not stop other countries from participating in the Paris agreement, he has the power to stop the Paris plan's regulations from being carried out in the United States. They said it's premature to assume a pickup in USA growth and cautioned that rising yields may tighten financial conditions before the new administration even takes office.

After a landslide victory in the 2016 USA presidential elections, Donald Trump is all set to be sworn in as the 45th president of the United States on January 20, 2017. There's not one state in America that wants dirty water and dirty air for its people.

In the policy statements on his campaign Web site, Trump has said he wants to order an immediate review of all US cyber defenses and vulnerabilities, introduce a "pro-growth" tax plan and launch a new framework for government regulations, along with an "America-first trade policy".

Perhaps the most important question about Trump's administration is, what will his economic policies turn out to be?

In the aftermath of an election that will put Donald Trump in the White House, Gov. Matt Bevin went off on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, tossing out some red meat to his base.

Kerry became the highest-ranking USA official to visit Antarctica when he landed for a two-day trip. He has also called on the United States to reject the climate accord signed in Paris a year ago, which has world leaders anxious.

Palin, the former Alaska governor and vice-presidential nominee, is thought to be in the running to become interior secretary in a Trump presidency. According to Scientific American, with Ebell in charge for choosing personnel for climate change, this means that "the Trump team is looking to drastically reshape the climate policies [the EPA] has pursued under the Obama administration". But relevance, legality and formal commitments have never stopped Trump before. The more studies that confirm global warming, the more ink Ebell gets'. However, we must end the idea that more regulation is automatically good and allow state and local experts, not Washington bureaucrats, to improve the environment. Unfortunately, with a Republican majority in the Senate, Trump may not face staunch opposition, if he wished to repeal the outgoing Obama administration's clean energy initiative. But Greenpeace is hoping Republicans more open to the science on climate change will temper Mr Trump's push to expand the use of fossil fuels.

Those regulations have helped spur investment in a range of companies that are developing clean energy technologies. However, that role, like all federal government, should be limited in order to maximize freedom.

Other nations would have to step up and continue the mission to fight global climate change but a decision by the new administration withdraw could encourage others to do the same-especially countries that are directly competitive with the US economically.

ยท Work at the state and city level to change policy. "But the lack of American leadership won't stop the transition".

He told WVHU in Huntington, W.V., that there's no need anymore for the federal agency that makes sure each state plays by the same rules when it comes to the environment.

The Standing Rock Sioux Indian tribe, which has been leading protests against the controversial Dakota Access pipeline, called again on the president Wednesday to withhold a final permit the pipeline's builder needs to complete it.



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