Trump won't pursue Clinton probes on email, charity -aide indicates

Trump won't pursue Clinton probes on email, charity -aide indicates

The businessman and investor was a close adviser to Trump during the election campaign.

When asked whether House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republicans in Congress would consider his trillion-dollar infrastructure plan, Trump boasted he was popular with the party's leaders on Capitol Hill.

Trump also said that he was reconsidering his position favoring the authorization of torturing detainees after sitting down with retired general James Mattis over the weekend to discuss naming him as secretary of defense.

During the 2012 presidential election, Trump called the Electoral College "a disaster for a democracy" and said it had made "a laughingstock out of our nation".

Backing down from some of his most vigorous campaign promises may disappoint many Trump supporters who want to see Clinton in prison and the US shred its obligations to cut carbon emissions. When asked if he spoke to British politician Nigel Farage about opposing offshoring wind farms that he anxious would reduce the value of his Scottish golf courses, Trump said that he "might have brought it up".

Kushner, a publishing and real estate executive with no background in global diplomacy, "would be very good at it", Trump said.

Conflict-of-interest rules for executive branch employees do not apply to the president, but Trump will be bound by bribery laws, disclosure requirements and a section of the U.S. Constitution that prohibits elected officials from taking gifts from foreign governments, according to Republican and Democratic ethics lawyers. "I have an open mind to it", he said, while adding that he was also considering "how much it will cost our companies".

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"I would love to be the one who made peace with Israel and the Palestinians", Trump said.

"I wouldn't even think about hiring him", Trump said Tuesday.

In an interview with reporters from New York Times, Trump told the press that he believes human activity may affect the climate.

He held a meeting at Trump Tower with three business partners building a Trump property south of Mumbai.

According to the live tweets from Times staffers, Mr. Trump spent four minutes telling the journalists how badly they'd treated him.

"I'm looking at it very closely", Trump said about the 2015 Paris climate accord, which he had promised to quit during the presidential campaign. He said he's inclined to use whatever power he will have as president to say let's go forward.

"In a calm and deliberate voice, he told the group sitting around a conference table that they had failed to provide their viewers with fair and accurate coverage, and told them they failed to understand him or his appeal to millions of Americans", The Washington Post reported.

Trump gushed in his admiration for President Barack Obama, whom he will replace in the White House, telling the paper, despite the aggressive tone of his campaign, he had been honored to meet Obama. "In theory, I could run my business perfectly and then run the country perfectly". He also pitched for a bonhomie by saying "And I hope we can all get along". Bannon has been accused of racism, sexism and anti-Semitism chiefly through his time as head of the ultra-right website Brietbart News.

Those tweets were being shown on-screen as cable news networks covered the developments, with no audio and no video of Trump - just tweets containing his remarks.



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