Transition Begins With Trump Keeping Journalists in the Dark

"But my general feeling is that we, as Americans, trust our system, we respect our democracy and, regardless of your beliefs, regardless of how you voted, we have an obligation to come together, get behind our new president and to have faith and trust that he will do what's best for the entire country".

Obama is "quite honest about fulfilling the basic responsibility that he has to the American people and our democracy to ensure a smooth transition to the next presidency", said White House press secretary Josh Earnest.

Obama and Trump will seek to put their tensions behind them, at least for the cameras, during their Oval Office meeting.

Speaking after the 90-minute meeting, Mr Obama said: "My number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our President-elect is successful".

In reply to a question about a pledge Trump made to jail Clinton if elected, the White House said it hoped that would not happen.

While unpopular with many groups of American voters who expressed concerns about his temperament and ability to lead, Trump won over much of Middle America with his promise to build a stronger, more competitive US economy.

Trump said that he's looking forward to benefiting from Obama's "counsel" in the future.

President-elect Donald Trump on Thursday refused to let a group of journalists travel with him to cover his historic first meeting with President Barack Obama, breaking a long-standing practice meant to ensure the public has a watchful eye on the nation's leader.

Earnest noted Trump's victory speech indicated he could drop the matter once he takes office in January.

In an emotional concession speech, Clinton said her crushing loss was "painful and it will be for a long time" and acknowledged that the nation was "more divided than we thought".

Comedian Seth Meyers also joined him, "Donald Trump has been saying he'll run for president as a Republican, which is surprising as I just assumed he was running as a joke".

Obama and Trump met alone, with no staff present, White House press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters afterward. She had tears in her eyes as she urged people to "keep fighting for what's right". But he also called for unity.

"It is time for us to come together as one united people", he said.

At around noon, President Obama addressed the nation for the first time since a Trump presidency became our reality.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves to the audience exiting a campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Mich., Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016. It was wide-ranging. We talked about some of the organizational issues in setting up the White House.

Global stock markets and US stock futures plunged early Wednesday, but later recovered, reflecting investor concern over what a Trump presidency might mean.

The first states to be decided produced the predicted results - Kentucky, Indiana, Oklahoma, West Virginia, South Carolina and Tennessee went for Mr Trump, while Vermont, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware and the District of Columbia were claimed by Mrs Clinton.



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