The election's just beginning on Election Day

The election's just beginning on Election Day

The District of Columbia, which has no representation in Congress, is awarded three electors, the same number as the state with the least electoral votes. That is, each state has all of its electors pledged to the presidential candidate who wins the most votes in that state. A state has one elector for each of its members of the House of Representatives, and one for each of the state's two senators.

Before 2000, there have been only three other instances of United States presidential elections, when candidates who won the popular vote lost the electoral vote and the presidency.

There are 538 members of the electoral college, with the number from each state based on its population size. Former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) won the popular vote in 24 states (denoted in red) to capture 206 electoral votes.

Babcock has never been an elector for Alaska, but his wife was past year, and he said there are no requirements to become an elector.

Bryant has been campaigning for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has been speculating that the November 8 election could be "rigged", without offering evidence. In nearly all past years, the Republican Party has taken those three votes to Juneau for the official ceremony.

Some states historically support the Democratic candidate election after election, while others are just as resolutely Republican.

An elector has only one duty — to elect a president. In Texas, which has the second highest electoral votes at 38, Republicans edge out Democrats.

The Senate would use a similar process to pick the vice president. These can be state elected officials or party leaders, and are usually selected for their loyalty to the party. The poll boosts Johnson's argument that he his campaign has achieved the necessary 15% threshold necessary to take part in the two two remaining presidential debates.

Wyoming, for example, has three electoral votes and 532,668 residents, based on 2008 population estimates.

The three electors the Democratic Party nominated are June Degnan from Juneau, D'Arcy Hutchings from Anchorage and Victor Fischer from Anchorage.

In 1976, rather than vote for Republican Gerald Ford, an Elector from Virginia cast their vote for Ronald Reagan - despite Reagan not being on the general election ballot.

"If [Clinton] were to receive the Alaskan vote that would probably be after the rest of the nation has figured out whether she has won the election or not, since our polls are four hours after the east coast polls and there is also the fact that Alaska only has three electoral votes so if you compare that to California...we're pretty negligible", Mina said.

A country stands divided on the 2016 political election, turning some of the 50 states "purple". The number of electors in each state is equal to the number of members of Congress to which the state is entitled, while the Twenty-third Amendment grants the District of Columbia the same number of electors as the least populous state, now three. In the 2000 election, Al Gore won the popular vote and George W. Bush won the Electoral College, and after a month of deliberations, the Supreme Court ruled that Bush would take the White House after all.

Looking at the ABC News electoral map, however, Clinton still has the lead when it comes to the Electoral College breakdown. "I think both parties could, for the Bush/Gore we would have lost that one but you notice in the Lower 48, there are basically seven battleground states, and those states decide the election".

But based on the current polls, the eventual victor could end up winning both the popular vote and the Electoral College vote, while making history in the process. That means MS residents had 1.15 times as much clout in the Electoral College than the average American, or 115 percent. I recall a tie vote in a municipal election back in Alabama when I was editor of the town newspaper.

"I would always encourage people to go vote", McKee said.



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