Surface Studios Will Begin Shipping This Week

Microsoft Unveils New Devices Powered By Windows 10

Do you think this device is going to be Microsoft's groundbreaking release? However, users will have to pay a hefty amount to incorporate such high-end features in their Surface Pro 4.

A part of its Black Friday 2016 promotions, Microsoft has decided to make its Surface Book more affordable for your wallet by offering a nice little discount on its beautifully crafted 2-in-1.

This is the first wave of shipments as this device was ordered on the first day of pre-orders. But there's one big disadvantage too - a Cintiq 27QHD plus a desktop to match the Surface Studio's internal specs will cost noticeably more than the Surface Studio. They may want to check those out as the Surface Studio is no cheap computer. On Apple News, please favorite the 1redDrop channel to get us in your news feed.

The article adds that the Surface Studio's high price and lack of expandability could make it a hard sell for a market that is already a niche one. The Microsoft Surface Book meanwhile is the flawless showcase device for Microsoft's Windows 10.

"I'm obviously reserving judgement until we get a review unit into the Digital Arts studio to test".

The article especially praises the 4,500 x 3,000 pixel 28-inch screen but says the color capabilities aren't outstanding.

Nevertheless, for those who've already made their investment, some lucky few will be receiving their Surface Studios soon. "A real workhorse would be the Cintiq and a separate PC", claims Even Fotis. It is believed that the surface phone is being built by Microsoft in collaboration with HP. Rumors point to a possible February 2017 announcement, which will coincide with the supposed release of another highly anticipated Microsoft release - the Surface Pro 5.

Specifically, as you can see in the image below, the Microsoft will start shipping the company's latest Surface device sometime next week.

In fact, just recently, Microsoft introduced a Surface Book with the Performance Base package, a top-of-the-line edition with even more power under the hood, reported by NeuroGadget. Satya Nadella has taken some of Cook's words and lightly made fun of them for making the iPad Pro like Microsoft's Surface.

While some people are still upset that the original Surface Book arrived with several bugs when released a year ago, Forbes is impressed with the 2016 Surface Book.

Apple's battery life is not so great for long battery life likers.

The new Surface Book is the most powerful Microsoft made laptop and it was unveiled by Microsoft's Vice President Panos Panay at the Microsoft event that took place in NY on October 6. Some models of the Microsoft Surface Book are equipped with a dedicated GPU, a must for gaming or visual-oriented work.



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