Ryan says Congress to work closely with Trump

"The past is the past, " Ryan said in a Thursday Fox News Channel interview, pointing to his vigorous campaigning in the race's final week, helping to deliver his home state of Wisconsin to Trump. "Most incredible political feat I've seen in my lifetime." . It's an awesome thing.

In fact, as Ryan spoke today, he emphasized how much he and the rest of the party owe Trump.

In an election season filled with stunning developments, this is another unusual moment.

In Kenosha County, Ryan took 58 percent of the vote, while Solen had 36 percent, according to unofficial totals.

Ryan also said Trump helped GOP candidates across the country get elected and declared he "earned a mandate". Yet he offered cautious praise for the speaker. "And the opportunity is to go big, to go bold and to get things done".

House Speaker Paul Ryan said he is eager to work with President-elect Donald Trump even as he, like many, appeared astonished at Tuesday's presidential election results. "So it's incumbent on him to name exactly what that is".

He had previously been reluctant to vocally support Trump as some senators up for reelection distanced themselves from him.

Asked about citizens who fear Trump will erode civil liberties, particularly in light of his statements about keeping Muslims out of the USA amid terrorism fears, Ryan sought to assuage voters.

He initially declined to endorse Trump in the spring.

Ryan says his relationship with Trump is fine.

Ryan said he doesn't think "people should be anxious about civil liberties being violated" by a Trump administration because "take a look at the judges that he's already said he would choose from to put on the Supreme Court".

"We didn't think it could happen", Ryan said.

That approach changed during the last push in the campaign season.

Infrastructure is a major Democratic priority, but many Republicans remain skeptical that the government needs to spend more in this area.

But it's unclear how Ryan's fiscally conservative, quasi-libertarian proposals will mesh with the populist nationalism Trump ran on, which called for both massive tax cuts and protecting entitlement programs, constructing a wall on the Mexican border and slapping outsourcing manufacturers with retaliatory tariffs.

"We have a very clear agenda, we believe in the principles of the Constitution", he said of Republicans.

The rest of the crowd gathered outside were members of the press, congressional staffers, and tourists looking to get a glimpse of the 45th President-to-be. "Freedom. Free enterprise. Consent of the governed", Ryan said.

The culmination of the Ryan-Trump relationship came Thursday, as the two toured the speaker's office and had what both sides had a productive meeting.



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