Ryan: 'I am going to seek staying on as speaker'

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Ryan also weighed in on the Wisconsin Senate race, where GOP Sen.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., released a strong statement after FBI Director James Comey said the new review won't result in charges against Hillary Clinton.

Back then, Ryan said he would vote for Trump but would never join him at an event again.

"What's changed for you?" "And I think we need to say to our fellow Republicans and conservatives here in Wisconsin - with one voice - it's time to come home".

The Hill talked to four House Republicans who said Ryan faces an uphill battle of securing the 218 votes he needs to secure a full two-year term as speaker. Having party discord? Having party leaders snub each other and going after each other?

Boehner was forced out of the speaker's chair by numerous same Republicans who have embraced Trump. But Republicans are expected to lose seats in the next Congress, leaving him a potentially much thinner margin of victory. "I want to unify our team going into the election so as many of our candidates as possible can win this election".

Paul Ryan's future is tied to Donald Trump's.

Clinton must overcome similar doubts among liberal Democrats who backed Bernie Sanders in the primary, but at least in Wisconsin, she appears to be doing a better job than Trump of consolidating the party rank-and-file. "This is a bottom-up, organic grassroots party based on conservative principles".

But others were furious that Ryan didn't back Trump more forcefully, saying not fully supporting Trump is like backing Hillary Clinton. They often say their supporters don't fear deep budget cuts or the specter of a government shutdown.

They both took this time to reach out to voters telling them their "better way agenda" and what they would do if elected.

That, evidently, was a bridge too far for Sykes.

"I don't know he's made that decision", Cole said. "I'm actually running on an agenda that advances our principles". Voters in southeastern Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District (which includes Janesville, Kenosha and Racine) should support him Tuesday against Democrat Ryan Solen of Mount Pleasant.

Ryan's awkward relationship with Trump hit a low point a month ago when the speaker canceled Trump's appearance at what was to be a Republican unity rally in Wisconsin.



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