Ray Tensing jury was split 4-8 on murder conviction

The former University of Cincinnati police officer was charged with murder and manslaughter for the 2015 shooting death of Sam DuBose during a traffic stop. The shooting happened after Tensing had pulled DuBose over for driving without a front license plate.

Judge Megan Shanahan declared a mistrial Saturday morning, accepting the jury's deadlock status several days after deliberations began.

"It's obvious to me you have made a honest and contentious effort", the judge told the jury, which had deliberated for approximately 24 hours, before setting a new hearing date for November 28 to determine whether the case will be re-tried. He said the jury was "leaning toward acquittal" on the murder charge and "leaning toward conviction" on voluntary manslaughter, "but they just couldn't come to an agreement". Within the next two weeks, it will be decided by the jury if Ray Tensing will be tried again for the murder.

Deters said he suspected getting a verdict would be hard after Friday when the jurors said they could not reach a decision. "They're really upset and they certainly want another trial".

DuBose's family felt supported by the prosecutor and the community, Gerhardstein said, but felt the mistrial was a "terrible way to get any sort of resolution in this tragedy". When you do jury trials, you have to live with the result.

"If we did not have that body cam there would not have been charges filed", Deter told reporters.

Deters told the AP that jurors were leaning toward convicting Tensing on a lesser charge, but couldn't agree.

"I was just thinking my legs are gonna get sucked into his auto, he's gonna run me over, I'm gonna die on this street today".

The mistrial was spurred by a deadlocked jury, which deliberated for more than 25 hours but failed to reach a verdict. We put a ton of time and money and effort on this. I know there will be people expressing their concerns and their disappointment in this as well.

Tensing's legal team argued that he acted out of pure self-defense and "sheer terror". Deputies ushered the jurors out of a rear door.

Outside the courtroom, Bishop Bobby Hilton called for a new trial and asked the public to "stand by" and keep demonstrations peaceful. The judge has twice told jurors they had all the information they needed to reach a verdict.

Isaac expressed his sympathy to the Dubose family; and said he was disappointed in the outcome. She said there wouldn't be justice without a murder conviction. "We are going to get through this", said Mayor John Cranley. If convicted, he could be sentenced to life in prison. He could also have been imprisoned for up to11 years for voluntary manslaughter.

Deters suggested in questioning that Tensing had racial motives, saying a study found that eight of every 10 drivers Tensing pulled over for traffic stops were black, the highest rate of any University of Cincinnati officer.



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