Patty Murray elected 3rd-ranking Democrat in Senate

McConnell, 74, is a discreet but deadly master of the Senate's legislative chess game. We're not going to just, as some have done here in the past, say just because it's President Trump's idea or thought, we're going to oppose it per se.

"But we will go toe to toe against the president-elect whenever our values or the progress we've made is under assault".

Now Schumer finds himself a man in the middle - a potential firewall against the agendas of Trump and a GOP congressional majority and the leader of a Senate minority with an increasingly demanding populist wing and more moderate incumbents anxious about tough reelection bids in 2018.

Meanwhile in the House, Democrats have forced the postponement of their leadership vote until November 30, in the hope of giving the party time to understand how it failed in the presidential and down-ballot races. During a closed-door organizing meeting, his unanimous reelection was greeted by a standing ovation of fellow Republican senators, aides said.

Republicans will control the White House, the House and Senate. Senate Democrats - outnumbered 52-48, including two independents who back Democrats - could prevent McConnell from getting the 60 votes he'll need on some important issues.

Schumer has said he'll seek opportunities to work with Trump but will face pressure from disappointed Democratic activists to adopt a hard line.

Schumer said Democrats had learned from the November 8 election that they needed "a sharper, bolder economic message about returning the economic system which so many feel is rigged against them to one that works for the people".

Schumer has mentioned infrastructure as an area of possible cooperation. He's widely backed among Republicans. Democrats rallied behind Schumer early previous year after Reid announced he wouldn't seek re-election in 2016.

On the other side of the aisle, Schumer will replace Sen. It ranged from liberals like Sens.

Sen. Chuck Schumer is set to become the top Democrat on Capitol Hill. Both spoke at the Working Families Party gala in Manhattan earlier this year, where Schumer-an early and ardent supporter of Clinton's campaign-described Sanders as his "homeboy" and pledged to give him a prominent role in shaping their conference's agenda.

US Senate Democrats elected Chuck Schumer as their leader, a position from which he will head opposition to Republican President-elect Donald Trump beginning in January. Schumer has a history of being a savvy partisan combatant willing to strike compromises, such as on a 2013 bipartisan immigration overhaul that ended up dying.

Sanders, for his part, hadn't given much thought in previous years to running for a leadership position. But experts suspect that U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) likely doesn't have the votes needed to change the rules, since some Republican senators may be reluctant to limit their use of the filibuster the next time they're in the minority. There is no bitterness among Senate Democrats left over from the presidential primary.



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