Notre Dame moves game after power outage

Instead, the Division I Committee on Infractions panel on Tuesday morning hit the Notre Dame football program with a litany of penalties, including a vacating of the 21 victories from the 2012 and 2013 seasons, imposing a one-year probation period that expires November 21, 2017, and levying a $5,000 fine.

The school plans to appeal the NCAA's decision.

"I think you guys are confusing this statement with the win-loss record", said Kelly, whose struggling team has a 4-7 record heading into Saturday's game at No. 12 Southern California.

"It was a discretionary action by the committee", Kelly said.

The NCAA contends the student trainer was an athletics department employee with special access to athletes and helped football players cheat. "The NCAA agreed across the board with that finding, and it was clearly excessive, so we're gonna appeal this, and one of the options or clear reasons for appeal is that the penalty is excessive in its discretion and we believe we have obvious grounds there".

The Fighting Irish accumulated 12 wins before losing to Alabama in the 2012 BCS championship game. Notre Dame determined the three players violated its academic integrity policies, thus making them ineligible when they played - one in the 2012 season and the other two in 2013.

Reading between the lines of Tuesday's NCAA bombshell of a press release and directly out of its voluminous policies, it's not a stretch to assume that if Notre Dame had simply dismissed five active football players in August of 2014 - instead of giving them due process - that the new stain on the football program may never have come to pass. The penalties were assessed after the NCAA discovered academic misconduct.

The NCAA is also ordering that the female trainer in question is put on probation for a year, while the university received a $5,000 fine, Bleacher Report noted. The school said it would appeal and the Rev. John Jenkins, the university president, said the NCAA has never before vacated the records of a school that had no involvement in the underlying academic misconduct.

The poor results on the field - the seven-loss debacle of a season - are nothing compared with the embarrassment and shame Brian Kelly just brought on Notre Dame. Louisiana Lafayette head coach Garry Brodhead, left, gives instructions to guard Troi Swain during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game against Notre Dame, Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016, in Houston. "We understand that Notre Dame is a top class university and things were handled the right way and that's the way they acted on it".

When a video tower collapsed in October 2010, killing a Notre Dame student who was taping practice, Kelly defended his decision to practice outdoors that day by saying conditions "were not unlike many days that I had practiced". I'm proud of the people that represented us here at Notre Dame during this time.

"If doing the right thing means that you've got to put an asterisk next to these games, that's fine with me", he said. So you can put an asterisk next to it. "This matter has nothing to do with me and my status here". "If that makes you feel better, then that's fine with me". Coach Kelly's a good man don't get wrong.

How warm is Brian Kelly's seat in South Bend, Ind.? Coach Kelly did say he's going to be back for the 2017 season.



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