New gameplay trailer hints at Akuma's involvement in main storyline

Tekken 7 Needs a Home Release to Increase eSports Exposure   
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Based on what has been shown by Nintendo about the Switch, the console might be able to handle "Tekken 7" and the idea of being able to play it on handheld, making it a flawless game for the hybrid.

In an interview of Katsuhiro Harada, producer of "Tekken 7" and other franchise holders, he believes that the game can compete well in terms of esports. Now, interestingly enough, the company's latest piece of footage for the title not only offers lots of glimpses at one-on-one brawling, but also in-game cinematics that provide cryptic hints as to how Tekken 7's story will play out.

So, bearing all of this in mind, no matter how Tekken 7 furthers the franchise's wildly convoluted story, it's safe to presume that most fans will be more concerned about whether or not the actual fighting aspect of the game is enjoyable.

Akuma may be a special case.

"Since we're developing the game on PC from the start using Unreal Engine, it made it much easier to release a PC version". Harada said that players should expect an added story mode feature revealing some story elements from the previous installments. "But at the moment, it's not something we're actively thinking about".

Asked if there's any plans to continue development on Tekken x Street Fighter, Harada said, "Stay tuned!" It features characters that will appear in the game that includes the well-known character from Street Fighter, Akuma.

Akuma and Heihachi have been seen fighting in other gameplay trailers previously, so it seems like the two of them will cross paths inside the game, but whether they remain exclusively as enemies or perhaps join forces to form a particularly formidable team has yet to be seen.

He did, however, note that the team wasn't quite ready to support PS4 and Project Scorpio just yet.

"Those platforms are relatively new as far as what we know about them and what's been released publicly about them. It's hard to comment on that right now". While the game is available in arcades, Harada admitted that he feels that players now have limited amounts of time with Tekken 7.



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