More Surprises: FBI Releases Files On Bill Clinton's Pardon Of Marc Rich

House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz wants to know if the FBI's deputy director Andrew McCabe left whose wife Jill right received $675,000 in political donations from a close friend of the Clintons is still working on the Clinton email

The seemingly random reminder of one of the darkest chapters of the Clinton presidency a week before the election drew an immediate rebuke from Hillary Clinton's campaign, with its spokesman tweeting that the FBI's move was "odd" and asking whether the agency planned to publish unflattering records about Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Vox appears to have been the first to report on this development, writing, "Someone at the Federal Bureau of Investigation thought it was a good time to remind the public of a 15-year-old Clinton scandal", and adding: "The document dump doesn't include the investigators' conclusion that the Clintons hadn't broken any laws".

'The FBI's Records Management Division receives thousands of FOIA requests annually which are processed on a first in, first out (FIFO) basis, ' the bureau said, referring to the Freedom Of Information Act.

The Clinton campaign remains skeptical with spokesman Brian Fallon taking to Twitter to express his concerns.

The FBI did not immediately respond to requests for comment about the timing of the release.

The FBI also tweeted out eight pages of documents on Sunday related to GOP nominee Donald Trump's late father, Fred.

Prior to Sunday, the account hadn't tweeted since October 2015.

An FBI official said the documents had been requested under the federal records law, but the bureau did not answer questions from The Associated Press about the timing and propriety of the release. As Bloomberg Politics noted, Comey was the prosecutor in the case against Rich from 1987 until 1993, and then also took over the investigation into President Clinton's pardon in 2002 when he was the US attorney for Manhattan. Rich's marriage to a Democratic donor launched an FBI investigation into the pardon, but it was closed without charges in 2005. Republicans ripped him over the summer when he recommended the Justice Department not pursue criminal charges over Clinton's use of a private server, a decision he announced in the days after Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with President Clinton on a tarmac in Phoenix.

John Podesta, Clinton's former White House chief of staff, is now his wife's campaign chairman.

You can read through all of the FBI's William J. Clinton Foundation files here. Rich was a worldwide fugitive who had escaped to Switzerland at the time of the pardon.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder is also mentioned in the file.

There is a connection between Comey and Rich, too.

The majority of the pages in the documents are completely redacted and they do not appear to shed any new light on the case.



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