Manmohan Singh Suprised Everyone With His Speech On Demonetisation And Twitter Erupted

Manmohan Singh strongly criticised the policy of demonetisation, calling it an "organised loot and legalised plunder of the economy" in Rajya Sabha on November 24. In his ten minute long speech, he made some really good points. When Prime Minister Modi left Rajya Sabha without making a speech as the opposition expected him to, it seemed Manmohan Singh, with his new-found aggression and rhetorical flourish, had crafted an overture for him which Modi may not have been able to come up to.Or, Modi is carefully scripting his response which he plans to deliver next time he attends the Parliament, because finance minister Arun Jaitley today categorically stated that PM will participate in the discussion on demonetisation. He said, "The way it has been implemented is the monumental management failure". "In fact, it's a case of organized loot and legalized plunder."Modi, citing a survey he launched via a smartphone app, says that 90 percent of people expressed their support for the ban on old banknotes".

"The national income, that is the GDP of the country, can decline by about 2 percentage points as a result of what has been done".

Former PM further said that he sincerely hopes PM will find "Practical" & "Pragmatic" ways and means to provide relief to the suffering of the people of this country.

"Well, 50 days is a short period, but for the poor and deprived sections of the community even 50 days of torture can have a disastrous effect", Singh said, adding that's why 60 to 65 people have lost their lives.

BSP supremo Mayawati today dared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to hold fresh elections to know the peoples view on demonetisation.

"It is no good that every day, the banking system modifies rules and conditions". Maken also accused the central government of suppressing the co-operatives banks, saying "The co-operatives which deal with the farmers and small traders have not been given enough cash, and even when any chief minister tries to meet the Prime Minister then they are not given appointments".

"I have moved (a notice for) a motion for contempt of the House by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I am very sorry that the Reserve Bank has been exposed to this kind of criticism which I think is fully justified", the former Prime Minister said. "The BJP tried to link the issue with patriotism while we wanted to focus on the plight of the people", said a senior opposition leader.

"The steps this government has taken are right and are being implemented in the right manner", the minister told the media in Parliament House here.

The CPI-M leader said his party was contemplating to move the contempt notice against the Prime Minister after consulting the entire opposition.

Prime Minister has been arguing that this is the way to curb black money, to prevent growth of forfeiture currency notes and also to help in control of terrorist finance activities.

"Dr Singh chooses his words judiciously and doesn't resort to theatrics".



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