Let freedom ring: Bald eagles freed from Florida storm drain

Authorities in Florida on Thursday rescued a bald eagle that somehow became stuck in a storm drain

Thursday evening, two bald eagles dropped out of the sky and onto an Orlando storm drain, with one bird covering the other with its outspread wings.

Orange County Fire Rescue was alerted after the two eagles were spotted on the ground along Goldenrod Road, near Curry Ford Road.

No one is sure how authorities in Florida are going to proceed, but given that the state voted for Trump, we can assume they'll just grab both vulnerable animals and deport them to wherever is most convenient.

Public speculation was that the bird on top could be protecting its mate, but Diana Flynt from the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey suggested a different explanation - one not so nice.

She believes the fight started in the air when one eagle flew into the other's territory.

The eagle fell into the storm drain after another eagle that was next to it flew away. Wildlife officials wrapped the eagle up in a quilt and then the injured bird was taken for a medical evaluation. It will be released back into the wild after it is judged to be healthy.

Earlier, a second eagle was stuck, but was able to escape around 6 p.m. EST. The injured female eagle is still receiving medical care for her injuries.

The rescue attempt was taking place in Orange County, in the Orlando area.

The 2nd bald eagle has been rescued from the storm drain!



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