Justin Trudeau And Fellow Canadians React To Trump's Win

A Donald Trump presidency could prompt a flow of politically motivated American emigrants akin to the Vietnam war era, though passionate first impulses to leave may cool as the new leader's agenda unfolds, say political observers and immigration experts. "People come, they pay taxes".

Cher, Streisand and Dunham, star of the TV series "Girls", made similar promises.

As the dust settles, Canadian legislators and cleantech companies will need to wait and see which of candidate Trump's policies President Trump will bring with him to the White House.

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The climate policies of US president Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau advanced largely in tandem over the past year. The CBC, which actively campaigned against Trump, would have loved it.

Burney expects Trump will likely consult with key congressional leaders before taking any aggressive action on trade.

He says people in America looking to move are usually anxious about big change and Republican values. "If Trump starts closing doors, an open, pro-investment, pro-trade country like Canada could do well". Canada only accepts about 6,000 Americans per year, so those hoping to flee may have to wait. Canadians who winter in Arizona will not be inconvenienced.

Canada and the United States share the world's longest worldwide border and are its biggest trade partners with about $2 billion (R 27 billion) in bilateral exchanges each day under the North American Free Trade Agreement, which Trump has vowed to renegotiate. The Liberals under Jean Chretien got elected back in the '90s in part by promising to renegotiate or renounce NAFTA. Once in Canada, they may collect points and apply for permanent residency. Once installed in government, the scales were lifted from their eyes. The Liberals thereafter made a virtue of promoting free trade - remember the three Amigos? - not only with the US but with any other country that wanted in on the action.

Trump nearly certainly will do likewise.

Perhaps the top issue that had the most implications for the tech sector is free trade. It is huge, poorly illuminated and terrifically complicated, with costs and benefits that are not easily quantified. Officials now have to quickly work out how Canada's export-reliant economy can maintain its privileged access to the US market. Then there is the problem of finding examples, current or historical, of nations that have shunned trade and prospered. Capern is now the managing director of Twitter Canada, but makes it clear he's not speaking on behalf of the company about the US election.

But as president, Obama didn't lay a hand on NAFTA. That could be bad news for auto manufacturers in Canada. And so we should. "When we're paying and nobody else is really paying, a couple of other countries are but nobody else is really paying, you feel like the jerk".

Still, Wesley Wark, a leading expert on national security and terrorism at the University of Ottawa, agrees Trump may take a much tougher, more demanding stand on border security.

Foreign policy experts will correctly warn Trump that scrapping NAFTA will raise doubts about America's genuine commitment to all its bilateral and multilateral treaties. Would it have been easier to explain to them how President Hillary parlayed public service into a personal fortune far exceeding that of Imelda Marcos?

Officials said they planned to work overtime to demonstrate to Trump, his team and Congress the importance of free trade to North American economic prosperity.



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