James Harrison and His Great Impact at the Pittsburgh Steelers

James Harrison and His Great Impact at the Pittsburgh Steelers

Whenever Mike Tomlin narrates a story of how he had a cup of coffee early in the morning and went to the weight room owned by the Pittsburgh Steelers, you know what to expect next before he even proceeds to verbalize it. US betting predictions are swayed by such narrations.

He encounters James Harrison at the weight room lifting weights. Mike Tomlin goes on to proudly say that it is just less than a day after James Harrison was crowned the all-time sacks leader.

This is normally an excellent dream anecdote for coaches because of the fact that young players benefit a great deal from the example it sets. However, at the headquarters of the Pittsburgh Steelers, James Harrison who is just 38 years old is finding alternative ways by which to make a significant impact.

Pittsburgh Steelers’ players and coaches alike are in agreement that James Harrison is controlling things in the background to strengthen a team that is really struggling and whose performance is leaves a lot to be desired.

James is exhibiting the alleged actions in his play as well. For instance, he broke the sack record that was set by Jason Gildon of the Steelers. This was when Cody Kessler (Cleveland Browns quarterback) was taken down after Mike Tomlin inserted Jason Gildon in the lineup.

Linebacker Bud Dupree recalls teammates being enlivened when James Harrison told any player who cared to listen during a recent practice session that was held in the past week that if they wanted to achieve something they had to work for it. This was at a time when the Pittsburgh Steelers were mourning a losing streak that saw them defeated in 4 games. This was a losing streak that only the Cleveland Browns could alleviate.

In the meeting rooms reserved for linebackers, James Harrison is known for the habit of reminding young players of how success was elusive as an undrafted player hailing from Kent State.

Dupree mentioned that James is soft spoken but when he talks everybody is keen to hear what he has to say. He further says that he is a likeable person both on and off the field.

James Harrison has also enjoyed the coach’s undivided attention this current season. Keith Butler who is the defensive coordinator confirms that James expresses to him the views he has on the defense whenever he pleases. Keith values such views because of the pedigree associated with Harrison.

James Harrison greatly contributed to the defense of the Pittsburgh Steelers that was ranked the best in the year 2011. Pittsburgh was ranked 20th in 2016 through ten games.

Keith Butler affirms that Harrison offers great help most of the time. This is because he is quite honest and this is beneficial especially to the young players.

Harrison is known to lift abnormally heavy weights, a fact that is perfectly understood or received by teammates. Dupree said that his weights are so heavy that the team is not even allowed to lift such weights because of the risks involved.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have in recent years drafted defensive players precisely for speed. Harrison hails from an era whereby run-stopping and strength preceded everything else. It is the heavy lifting he is involved in that has protected him from injury as the muscles shield the joints. The Pittsburgh Steelers resorted to a vintage player after the Dallas Cowboys and Ezekiel Elliot’s triumphed over their front 7.

Dupree said that Harrison might have lost speed due to age but he has not lost power because of his heavy lifting. James Harrison always had a great time as a player, this was why he found it difficult to retire the last off-season.

David DeCastro who is a guard said that Harrison is one of the most superb teammates he has ever had as he cares about the team and is easy to talk to.



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