IPhone 8 vs. iPhone 7: What New Features Will Apple Include?

IPhone 8 vs. iPhone 7: What New Features Will Apple Include?

We can expect the iPhone 8 to include 3GB of RAM when it is released, improving on the 2GB included in the iPhone 7.

Aside from profits, it is possible that the move could allow Apple to lay full attention on its next big flagship which is the iPhone 8.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the most trusted Apple analyst, Apple is having no plans to introduce a successor to its much-favored iPhone SE device next year.

Apple will most likely not issue an incremental update to the iPhone 7 in the form of iPhone 7S and this increases the possibility of the new iPhone 8 hitting shelves next year itself rather than 2018. When released last September, the iPhone only had an IPS LCD display. It is time for the iPhone 8 to break the ice and introduce wireless charging.

According to a report by Zach Epstein of BGR, Apple may use wireless charging tech developed by Energous that could let the iPhone 8 charged from across the room.

Apple iPhone 8 is expected to launch with a radical new design next year, which also marks the 10th anniversary of company's iPhone line-up. There have also been reports suggesting that Apple could consider switching to non-aluminum casing when the iPhone 8 is released. J.P. Morgan apparently discovered a leaked purchase order for $4 billion, coinciding with a similar order uncovered in the third quarter, believed to be related to Apple outsourcing panels from Samsung in order to deliver OLED in the iPhone 8.

The iPhone range still doesn't support wireless charging, a feature that has started to be adopted by Android devices over four years ago.

In other news and rumors, the iPhone 8 will reportedly feature the A11 chip, which is already 10nm and that means faster, more efficient and with less battery usage. The suggestion is to wait for iPhone 8.

Apple has praised the A10 processor that was included in the iPhone 7, saying that it's more powerful than any processor utilized by a smartphone.



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