High-spending battle for Senate control down to the wire

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Rick Hasen of Election Law Blog reported on Monday that Democrats in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania and OH had filed suits seeking to prevent voter intimidation by Stone's "Stop the Steal" group.

At the state Democratic Party headquarters in Phoenix, we asked a spokesperson for his response to what the Republicans had to say and he declined, saying the lawsuit speaks for itself.

A federal judge has given the Ohio Republican Party, Donald Trump's campaign and a longtime adviser until the end of Wednesday to respond to a lawsuit state Democrats filed that said the Republicans are engaging in voter intimidation.

In a federal lawsuit filed in Cleveland, the Ohio Democratic Party accused Trump and Republicans of conspiring to threaten, intimidate and prevent minority voters from casting ballots in the perennial battleground state.

The lawsuits cite an unnamed official's comments to Bloomberg News last Thursday that the Trump campaign has three voter suppression operations that target African-Americans and other groups.

The suit alleges Trump supporters have yelled at voters outside Las Vegas-are polling places when they said they weren't voting for Trump.

"It is not clear that a court would issue a vague order to stop 'voter intimidation, ' as requested in the relief in these suits (as that term would be vague and hard to enforce)", Hasen writes of the state party lawsuits. Instead, it is partnering with another group called Vote Protectors to conduct exit polls and plans to compare those responses with the voting machine results in 7,000 precincts nationwide.

In Arizona, Democrats are seeking a court order to block volunteer GOP poll watchers from harassing or photographing people headed to polling locations.

An attorney representing the Arizona Republican Party says the complaint is nonsense.

Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald said his party has zero tolerance for voter intimidation.



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