Federal Bureau of Investigation obtains warrant to review emails potentially linked to Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Mook said on CNN, referring to Comey's letter to members of Congress on Friday.

It was not immediately clear what the Abedin emails were about or what significance, if any, they carried to the Clinton email server investigation.

Separately Sunday, another law enforcement official said FBI investigators in the Weiner sexting probe knew for weeks about the existence of the emails potentially related to the probe of Clinton's server.

Stumping in Ohio, Clinton continues to question the FBI's timing; with her campaign releasing a letter from former Democratic and Republican State Attorneys General that called the move a serious mistake. She asked: "Why in the world the Federal Bureau of Investigation would decide to jump into an election without any evidence?"

Here is the RealClear Politics polling average in each: Pennsylvania (Clinton +6); New Hampshire (Clinton +4.7); Colorado (Clinton +4); Nevada (Clinton +1); Michigan (Clinton +6.7); Wisconsin (Clinton +5.7) and New Mexico (Clinton +8.5). The last time a Republican presidential candidate won MI was 1988.

But what do we really know at this point?

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian presidential nominee, has said that a Clinton presidency would "may well end up in impeachment".

Clinton campaigned Monday for a third straight day without Abedin by her side.

"If Comey's decision results in Republicans holding onto the Senate and losing fewer House seats because he has invigorated their "checks and balances" argument, we will also attribute this to the Comey Effect", the center's Larry Sabato and his colleagues wrote.

Clinton's comments yesterday were her most pointed yet on the subject, and they underscored her campaign's decision to fight back aggressively against FBI Director James Comey.

"Director Comey owes the public an explanation for this inconsistency". The Justice Department said it would dedicate "all necessary resources" to finish its investigation as quickly as possible.

Baldwin and Democratic former Sen.

Trump and other Republicans have seized on the announcement, which indicated no wrongdoing on Clinton's part, to cast doubt on Clinton's integrity, hoping the news will damage not just Clinton but Democrats' chances of regaining control of one or both chambers of Congress.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook questioned why the FBI's director had not released any information about its investigation into Russia's role in the United States election or ties to Mr Trump and his senior aides.

Reid blasted Comey for ignoring previous requests to make the information public.

The emails, belonging to Clinton's closest aide, Huma Abedin, came to light during an investigation of disgraced former NY congressman Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of Abedin. Federal authorities in NY and North Carolina are investigating online communications between Weiner and a 15-year-old girl. In July, Comey recommended against criminal prosecution after a months-long investigation, but rebuked Clinton and her aides for being careless with classified material.

After this weekend's revelation about Clinton's emails found on a computer shared by Abedin and Weiner, some have called for her to step away from the campaign. The FBI has since gotten a warrant.

And for Republican Donald Trump, Monday brought reports that he is refusing to pay one of his pollsters almost $767,000 owed to him. Citing Justice Department guidelines that law enforcement should avoid major actions that could affect an election, spokesman Josh Earnest said, "The president believes that it's important for those guidelines and norms to be followed".

"He's in a tough spot", Mr.

Hillary Clinton's campaign isn't taking the poll shock quietly.



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