Facebook posts 'death notices' on users' profile pagese

Facebook posts 'death notices' on users' profile pagese

FACEBOOK has apologised for a "terrible error" which led to users - including founder Mark Zuckerberg - being "killed off" on the site by a technical glitch.

As per the latest statistics published in the media, almost two million wayward commemorations were posted on profile pages in which Mark Zuckerberg was also included. However, by acknowledging the error, Facebook later fixed the bug and declared it to be a "Terrible Error".

"For a brief period today, a message meant for memorialised profiles was mistakenly posted to other accounts", a Facebook spokesperson told AFP. "We are very sorry that this happened".

Facebook Live feature lets people broadcast video in real-time at the leading social network.

The editor of Search Engine Land, Mr. Danny Sullivan fired up on Facebook through his post on Twitter, which reads: "Damn".

It also contained links to forms that could be used to have people's accounts modified into memorials after their death.

The gaffe comes a day after Facebook was accused of spreading fake news about the USA presidential candidates and showcasing a biased News Feed that led to Donald Trump winning the election. Here is how some users reacted after finding the memorial banner on the website.

Zuckerberg rejected the idea that bogus stories shared at the social network paved a path of victory for President-elect Trump.

Just a day earlier, Zuckerberg had called the idea that fake news on Facebook could sway people in their voting decisions was "crazy".



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