Dozens killed as rockets rain down on Aleppo again

SOHR said that unidentified warplanes and government helicopters shelled areas in the neighbourhoods of Masaken Hanano, al-Sakhur, and other areas in the eastern neighbourhoods of Aleppo city.

Russia's Defense Ministry has confirmed the resumption of missiles strikes against Nusra Front targets in the Idlib Province.

Syria has been locked in a vicious civil war since early 2011, when the Assad regime cracked down on pro-democracy protests with unexpected ferocity.

It is part of a renewed wave of bombing that's killed more than 30 people, according to various sources.

The local Civil Defense rescue group, also known as White Helmets, reported that 11 civilians were killed in the Sukkari neighborhood on Wednesday alone.

"Our strikes in Syria are proportionate, surgical and precise", he said.

Activists say at least 32 individuals, including kids, happen to be killed over the previous two days in Aleppo.

The expanded Russian military push to prop up its ally Assad came a day after President-elect Donald Trump spoke by telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a conversation that the Kremlin said centred on their common resolve to fight "international terrorism and extremism".

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch said analysis of satellite imagery provided additional verification that damage to a school complex in the village of Haas in Idlib, northwestern Syria, on October 26, 2016, was caused by airstrikes carried out by the joint Russian-Syrian military operation.

Adham Sahloul of the Syrian American Medical Society, which supports several hospitals in opposition areas in Syria, said it appeared the government was focusing its fire on Aleppo's medical infrastructure.

Wednesday's bombing struck next to a children's hospital and blood bank in the Shaar district, and near a school in the Salah al-Din district, residents and the observatory said.

France's United Nations ambassador says attacks against medical facilities in Syria by the government and its allies "are war crimes". He said those strikes were aimed at militants affiliated with al-Qaida and Islamic State.

"Aleppo has been under siege since July and the escalating bombardment on the eastern part of the city has rendered the medical mission almost impossible", the group said in a statement.

A man gestures near a damaged hospital after an airstrike on the rebel-held town of Atareb, in the countryside west of Aleppo, Syria, November 15.

Meanwhile, activists reported the airstrikes on besieged Aleppo.

"But we always say we have wishful thinking that the Unites States would be unbiased, respect the worldwide law, doesn't interfere in other countries around the world, and of course to stop supporting terrorists in Syria".

Humanitarian groups and witnesses describe harsh conditions in eastern Aleppo, with heavy civilian casualties from months of bombardment, coupled with scant access to medical care and basic supplies.

"We can not tell anything about what he's going to do, but if. he is going to fight the terrorists, of course we are going to be ally, natural ally in that regard with the Russian, with the Iranian, with many other countries", Assad said.



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