Cubs' Kris Bryant wins NL MVP; Nats' Daniel Murphy runner-up

Cubs' Kris Bryant wins NL MVP; Nats' Daniel Murphy runner-up

"Just to win one MVP award is wonderful", added Millville athletic director Dave LaGamba said. Betts finished second with 311 points and received nine first-place votes.

In years past, the 78-point difference in on-base percentage would not matter all that much in distinguishing between Trout and Betts. The 5-6 second baseman hit a career-high 24 homers with 96 RBI. That's value to a championship team. He hit.315, hit 29 home runs, had 100 RBI, and stole 30 bases this season.

There was nothing "strategic" about voting Betts first and Trout fifth.

"It was like nothing I'd ever seen before". Definitely, maybe even last.

The rosters of the Red Sox and Yankees, in particular, were so deep that it was damn near impossible to distinguish one player from the next. Maybe, but maybe not. Betts also collected 359 total bases (Trout had 302), most by a major leaguer since the Orioles' Chris Davis had 370 in 2013.

The lack of talent around him may have actually helped Trout's case for MVP this year. The next year, it was 9.3 to 7.3 in favor of Trout.

Ortiz, who finished sixth in the voting, appeared in the top 10 on all 30 ballots and garnered 147 points overall. Since Ernie Banks' back-to-back victories in 1958-1959, only Ryne Sandberg (1984), Andre Dawson (1987), and Sosa have won the award for the North Siders.

"At the end of the season a lot of people were asking me about the same question, you know, if your team has a losing record is it going to hurt you in the MVP?" If the Angels were to act and trade Trout this winter, they will have traded the player most valuable "to his team" the same way that the 2003 Texas Rangers dealt away Alex Rodriguez.

After a unanimous victory in last year's Rookie of the Year vote, Bryant almost duplicated the feat. He's finished second three times.

Bryant was then a near-unanimous MVP victor, taking 29 of the 30 first-place votes.

The 25-year-old has finished first or second in the MVP race for five consecutive seasons. The others-Cal Ripken, Jr., Ryan Howard, and Dustin Pedroia.

Bryant in two seasons is now a two-time All-Star, Rookie of the Year, World Series champion and MVP.

Bryant hit for a.292 average with 39 home runs, 102 RBIs and a league-leading 120 runs scored.

Bryant was versatile on defense.

Mantle won more than 88% of the Hall of Fame vote in his first year on the ballot.

The 2016 Angels never even contended, which is why many observers felt Trout would lose the award to Mookie Betts, whose Boston Red Sox won their division.

Advanced metrics show Betts was one of the three top defensive outfielders in the AL last season, and according to some stats the very best one.

The Red Sox had a CY Young victor in Rick Porcello, who won over Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander despite Verlander recording more first place votes.

Murphy, a second baseman, hit.347 with a.390 on-base percentage. The most impressive thing he did this season was, somehow, improve.

Murphy seldom struck out.



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