Chicago O'Hare Airport Workers Plan Thanksgiving Strike

The workers are employed by Prospect Airport Services, AirServ, Scrub Inc. and the city of Chicago. "It is their intent to bring light to these conditions that they're working under", said SEIU Local 1 spokeswoman Izabela Mitkoivkovich.

The workers are seeking union rights and a $15 per hour wage.

Some of the workers who plan to strike include, Wheelchair attendants, Baggage Handlers, Janitors, and Cabin Cleaners. However, he does admit that what "they're trying to do is get the powers that be to hear their voice".

The SEIU Local 1 will announce the date of a strike at 10 a.m. Monday morning, threatening to complicate holiday travel operations at the nation's second busiest airport.

The Chicago Department of Aviation reportedly said it is "committed to ongoing dialogue with all parties", minimizing any disruption to service that could be caused during the holidays.

"We are working closely with our vendors to ensure there is no disruption to our operation".

Auto club AAA said it will be an especially busy Thanksgiving weekend with an estimated 3.7 million Americans flying Wednesday through Sunday. "That would be very hard especially during the holiday rush, you are going to have millions of people trying to get out and then if you have janitors and the non-TSA people striking, you're going to see it", said passenger Adrienne Gaston.



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