Chicago Cubs Return To World Series For First Time Since 1945

Wrigley Field erupted in pandemonium as the Cubs broke their World Series drought

The Cubs are back in the World Series for the first time since 1945 after knocking off the Dodgers in the 2016 National League Championship Series. And we couldn't agree more with how fitting that would be!

Perhaps none more than 90-year-old Dorothy Farrel, who's had season tickets one row from the visitor's dugout since 1984 and has been a lifelong Cubs fan.

After believing their team was cursed by a goat, crossed by a black cat and undone by one of their own, after checking their sanity at the turnstiles for seven decades and counting, fans of the team on the North Side of town no longer needed any excuses. Nevertheless, the tension and excitement at Wrigley Field never let up until after the game's final out. They had not earned a World Series trip since winning a doubleheader opener 4-3 at Pittsburgh on September 29, 1945, to clinch the pennant on the next-to-last day of the season. Esparza raised the money in less than 24 hours, and used it to purchase a goat - named "Billy" - for a family across the world in need of dairy.

The Cubs have had a few close calls since 1945, including 1984, when Chicago was one win away from going to the World Series but lost three straight games to the San Diego Padres.

The Cubs, for more than half a century viewed as the lovable losers of old ivy-covered Wrigley Field, beat the best pitcher of the now generation in Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw in a 5-0 victory that clinched the National League pennant, 4-2. People walked up to each other with outstretched hands, giving high-fives. "These fans are unbelievable", he said. He added that the Cubs are unique because they often play during the day and still fill the ballpark. "This city deserves it so much", Anthony Rizzo said. Many were moved to tears as they watched their team celebrate on the field.

It didn't take long for the customary white victory flag to be hoisted above the Wrigley Field scoreboard on Saturday night.

Some Cubs’ fans evidently needed things written out plainly to believe they were happening
Some Cubs’ fans evidently needed things written out plainly to believe they were happening

He said he remembers watching the Cubs play the Miami Marlins over the summer and how heavily the losses weighed on his father.

Sianis went to Wrigley to cheer on his beloved Cubs against the Detroit Tigers in the World Series, according to the tavern website, which dedicates a page to the Billy Goat curse. "This is the year". And if you want to involve stuff like jazz and the zipper, you can feel free to list a bunch of things that didn't exist in 1908 and know that they are things that didn't exist when the Cubs last won. Still, they found a way to win. In addition to Chicago's top two stars, second baseman Javier Baez and catcher Willson Contreras have grown up on baseball's biggest stage, proving they can be trusted in key situations.

TicketIQ shows that the minimum cost of entrance to Game One is about $1,200; when the series shifts to Chicago for Game Three, the minimum ask price shoots up to about $2,600.

Esparza said he's not nervous.

"It went up in the lights and it looked like Joc was coming and I couldn't hear him call it", Toles said.



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