Bloomberg Confident US Won't Break With Paris Agreement

Kerry, who has led the Obama administration's charge on climate, has also talked about locking in certain aspects of the climate deal before Trump takes over, although attendees at the Marrakech summit say they have no idea what that means.

"Trump is kidding nobody on climate as he simultaneously stacks his transition team and cabinet with climate-science deniers and the dirtiest hacks the fossil-fuel industry can offer", Brune said in a statement.

In an interview with editors and reporters from the New York Times November 22, Trump indicated he did in fact think there was some connection between human activity and global warming.

The good news for those anxious that the USA will lose its leadership role in confronting climate change: President-elect Donald Trump said Tuesday, "I have an open mind to it".

Asked if he would withdraw the USA from Global climate change agreements, President-elect Trump said he is "looking at it very closely", according to Times reporters Maggie Haberman and Mike Grynbaum, who were live-tweeting the meeting. I hope they'll recognize the importance of the issue. "I do have an open mind".

"It would be, I think, extremely hard to retreat - there's no turning back", he added. Country representatives at the conference became tired due to Trump's previous comments stating he would stop U.S. federal money going towards global warming initiatives.

As for what the United Nations climate deal would look like if the USA were to pull out, no one's sure about that either.

"We don't know what countries are still waiting for to move towards net carbon neutrality and 100% renewable energy", said an obviously Edgar Gutierrez, Costa Rica's minister for the environment. It was cold in NY on Tuesday, so there's a greater than zero chance that Trump hops on Twitter at 3 declare the whole concept of climate change a bogus con cooked up in Beijing.

Unlike the Kyoto Protocol, the Paris agreement, signed by more than 190 countries a year ago, requires efforts by both industrialized and developing economies to take on climate change to achieve its goal of keeping the post-Industrial Revolution rise in the world's temperatures within 2 degrees to avert the catastrophic impact of global warming.

President-elect Trump has historically been a skeptic of man-made contributions to climate change. We need more action, not less. China has vowed to take over as the world's environmental leader if the USA walks away from the effort under Mr Trump.

Despite his public stance as a politician, there is evidence that Trump the billionaire businessman was already hedging his bets. Trump's not thinking long term.



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