Anti- Donald Trump protesters take to street for second night

In New York City, a large group of demonstrators once again gathered outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue Thursday night.

He tweeted: "Just had a very open and successful presidential election".

After remaining apparently unprovoked by the protests on Wednesday, Trump, a prolific tweeter throughout his campaign, broke his silence on Thursday.

The rally began with speeches from protest organizers at Dealey Plaza and then led to a march through the West End to Victory Park and then up to Klyde Warren Park and back to the plaza.

At 8:30 p.m., police said due to extensive criminal and unsafe behavior, the protest was being considered a riot. "We will all come together and be proud!"

Another protest was building in Los Angeles, where 28 people were arrested Wednesday for blocking traffic during a demonstration that also saw vandalism to some buildings and a news truck.

Individuals were also caught on camera smashing vehicle windows with baseball bats.

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Nine hours after accusing the media of inciting professional protesters, Donald Trump abruptly reversed course Friday morning, praising those same protesters who have come out in the thousands to demonstrate against his election as having "passion for our great country".

The march was among several that took place in large cities across the nation, including NY.

Hundreds of marchers walked through the city's streets.

Police ordered protesters who gathered in Portland for a third night to disperse after a peaceful demonstration turned into what they called a riot, citing "extensive criminal and risky behavior". They then started marching through the streets of downtown as one group merged with another and the crowd grew to several hundred.

As the group made their way through the Pearl District, people were breaking windows of several businesses.

The president-elect showed unusual restraint on social media in the final days of the campaign and has been almost absent since Tuesday night's victory.

Protesters threw objects at police in Portland and damaged cars in a dealership lot, the Portland Police Department said on Twitter.

In one incident, video from the march showed police talking to a driver who had her windshield smashed by protesters. Some MAX stops, including two at Pioneer Square and two at Portland State University, closed early for safety reasons, according to TriMet spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt.

Some 4,000 protesters surged into the downtown area late Thursday night with chants like "we reject the president-elect!"

For the most part, demonstrations have been peaceful, but some arrests have been made in California and Chicago.

Police reported a total of 26 arrests for the night after they deployed rubber bullets and flash grenades to clear the streets. No one was injured by the explosive.

Demonstrators said they were frightened by the tone of Trump's campaign comments about immigration, and accused him of racism and xenophobia.



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