Aleppo rebels agree United Nations aid plan; Russia, Syria yet to okay

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The Russian airstrikes support Assad's efforts to defeat the rebels, Clapper said, and allows Assad to resist negotiating an end to a conflict that began in 2011 and has taken an estimated 400,000 lives.Russia is "increasingly putting more pressure on oppositionists in Aleppo, indiscriminately bombing women, children, hospitals, this sort of thing", Clapper said.Trump has vowed to extend a hand to Moscow to see if US and Russian authorities could work together more to resolve the crisis.Trump spoke via telephone on Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a conversation that the Kremlin said centered on their common resolve to fight "international terrorism and extremism."Turkish air and ground forces, joined by Syrian rebel fighters, are near the Islamic State-held town of Al Bab, which is 25 miles from the Turkish border".

An AFP correspondent said that the sound of the bombardment was deafening. "It is urgent that we react", he said.

Three floors were flattened, the reporter said, adding that the building was located on a street that has been targeted in the past. And can we allow that to happen? "Everything just came down all around us", said resident Ahmad.

At least 188 civilians, including 27 children, have been killed since the Syrian regime loyal to President Bashar al-Assad resumed its onslaught on eastern Aleppo.

Dozens of civilians tried to flee the rebel-held area but were forced back by gunfire as the Syrian army offensive continued.

Abdel Rahman said that Thursday s toll was "one of the heaviest of the past few days".

Meanwhile, the Qatari-based al-Jazeera TV said the death toll in eastern Aleppo has risen to over 50.

Rescuers from the White Helmet group used a pickaxe to hack away at the concrete in order to lift him out of the rubble, the footage showed.

The Obama administration terminated talks with Russia over Syria last month due to a Russian-backed bombing campaign in Aleppo, the country's largest city. The situation in the city is dire as more than 250,000 are now trapped with diminishing supply of essential commodities and ravaged medical services.

In neighbouring Idlib province, at least seven people were killed, including two women and two children, in air strikes on the town of Binnish, the Observatory said.

But he did not say what the planned meeting might achieve to tackle five years of conflict which have killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced half of Syria's population.



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