2 students, 30-year-old man arrested in anti-Trump protests

When Trump was asked about the protesters in an interview that aired on "60 Minutes" Sunday, he said: "I just think they don't know me".

Students from numerous area high schools come together in Mariachi Plaza before continuing their march to City Hall to protest the upset election of Republican Donald Trump over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the race for President of the United States on Nov 14, 2016 in Los Angeles, California, United States. However, during Trump's campaign, he "appealed to the worst in people", opening wounds "that have not healed yet", Kebede said.

The demonstrations began at Garfield High School, the subject of the 1988 film "Stand and Deliver" focusing on teacher Jamie Escalante's successful college-level math programs.

More than 100 students streamed out of the school Wednesday morning on the third day of student protests in the region against the election of Donald Trump.

Lucia McCurdy, from Wilson, said they weren't there to protest the democratic process, but that she and other protesters were out there because they didn't want to normalize hate.

In a letter to North parents Tuesday night, Principal Gene Haynes said school staff were aware students planned to protest and would have extra security on hand. Many declared concerns over the president-elect's comments about minorities and the effect he will have on their communities.

"We will not accept Trump's sexism, racism, his put-down of LGBT folks", one student told the ABC7 news channel in Los Angeles on Monday.

"I'm more afraid about the division that it's created", said Owens, who is black. It said, "This is a peaceful and positive demonstration meant to send one message to our future president: he can't divide us".

They called out "Si, se puede" - Spanish for "Yes, we can" - and "The people united will never be divided" as they waved their signs.

Other protests hit Portland - where students held signs saying "Students for change" and "Love trumps hate" - as well as other cities including Seattle. He dismissed the protesters as "spoiled crybabies".

"There's so much anger and frustration because it's not fair - nearly everyone here who's protesting can't vote", the 13-year-old said.

About 20 middle and high school participated in the protest, and a little over 5,000 Seattle students walked out of class, according to the district. Students said they appreciated the police presence and were happy the police gave them an outlet to express themselves.

Montgomery Blair High School students organized the walkout on social media, leading an exodus of hundreds shortly after 10 a.m., he said. If anything, they hope to Trump and his supporters to ease their hardline rhetoric around immigration and mass deportations, Muslim bans and LGBTQ rights.

However, police said that for the most part, it was a peaceful protest.

Later that day In Fremont, police reported that a small group of students from Kennedy High School was marching from the campus through the Sundale neighborhood shortly before classes were about to end. No one was hurt.



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